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To Delimit the Offshore Protection Area, and Build More Offshore Spaces



Dalian, surrounded by sea on three sides, take up an advantageous geographic position. However, with economic development a series of oceanic problems are highlighted. CPPCC members will, around ocean ecology, put forward the proposal of carrying out offshore governance in all aspects.

The Dalian Committee of The China Democratic League stated that in recent years pollution was serious in offshore area and that in peak tourist seasons, the waters inferior to level-four oceanic water quality standard were mainly distributed in Dalian Bay, Xinghai Bay, Hekou, Long Wang Pone and so on. Since 2010, our city has carried out more than 10 renovation and regulation works including the “Blue Bay” project, involving the waters of Tiger Beach Bay, Pulandain Bay, Golden Pebble Beach, Sea Island, Chang-shan archipelage and so on. However, the restrictions of local shoreline and waters have not been broken so far, so that the result of “Blue Bay” regulation project was not fully enhanced. It was suggested to select a sea area from Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea under the administration of our city respectively as a pilot to exercising the policies of reinforcing regulation of pollution resource into the sea, resolutely banning offshore illegal contract, and fully opening water recreation space for citizens. For the bay areas with obvious governance effect, it was suggested to construct a nature-protection area in style of national park and endeavor to build multiple national oceanic parks that would be like a line when being overlooked.