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Members of CPPCC from the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation: three detailed lists create a fresh atmosphere for entrepreneurship and innovation


At the Fourth Session of the 12th Dalian Committee of CPPCC, members of CPPCC from the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation suggested that based on the management model of establishing the negative list, the principle of “three detailed lists” will create a fresh atmosphere for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Members suggested that Dalian should center on system innovation and constantly streamline administration and delegate power to lower levels so as to straighten out the relationship between the government and market. The system of three detailed lists should be carried out. The first is the negative list. In accordance with the concept of “anything possible within the law”, Dalian will broaden the market access furthest to enable people with entrepreneurship to start up business. The second is the power list. According to the concept of “anything impossible without permission”, Dalian will “share” the power border and make all powers known to the public to reduce the intervention of government in market economic activities and enable the masses to stay on the right track. The third is the responsibility list. In accordance with the concept of “statutory duties on Dalian”, Dalian should make clear the statutory responsibilities of the government to actively solve difficulties in and provide protection for entrepreneurship and innovation. Meanwhile, the supervision system during and after the process should be built to step up the process supervision and follow-up management and establish a market supervision system that integrates such fields as industry and commerce, quality supervision, food and drug supervision and price supervision so as to form a new “integrated, whole-process, professional and highly efficient” supervision mechanism that runs through all the sections of production, circulation and consumption. In addition, Dalian should set up a social credit system and initially form a mechanism that encourages the practice of keeping faith and punishes the practice of breaking faith, establish the “single window” system for international trade by integrating the port check procedures in customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime affairs and frontier inspection so as to enable enterprises to complete the declaration of imported and exported goods through one single window and promote the investment facilitation in Dalian.

Moreover, the members suggested that Dalian should insist on problem-orientation, actively build up platforms for entrepreneurship and innovation, establish and perfect the transfer mechanism of scientific and technological achievements and release social potential in entrepreneurship and innovation. Focusing on the difficulties in transforming scientific and technological achievements, the members suggested that the municipal government should issue “implementation opinions on policy-industry-university-research cooperation” and establish the management system of utilizing and disposing the scientific and technological achievements in conformity with transformation rules so that colleges and universities and scientific research institutions can make their own decisions to carry out commercialization activities by means of transferring or permitting others to use these scientific and technological achievements, or becoming a shareholder with these results. They also suggested that Dalian should improve the “benefit-sharing” distribution system for transforming scientific and technological achievements, establish an application and protection system of Dalian intelligent property, draw on experiences of developed countries to actively carry out experimental points for the mortgage financing and trust transactions of intelligent property, explore diversified means of exchange of intelligent property to promote the capitalization and commercialization of scientific and technological results, actively cultivate and develop intermediary service system of intelligent property and build up intermediary service chains of science and technology composed of technology transformation and transfer, operation and management of intelligent property and legal consultancy service by marketization means.