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The municipal committee of Zhigong Party suggested to set an employment system for skilled talents to predict and inform relevant information


During the meeting, issues about innovative personnel and businesses are also under fierce discussion. Therefore, the suggestion to cultivate technical and skilled talents to adapt to the new normal happening currently in the city was raised by the municipal committee of Zhigong Party.

Up to now, the vocational education in Dalian is playing a leading role in our country and therefore the graduates we are providing is pretty satisfying for employers. However, there still exist problems. For instance, the vocational schools can do a better job in cultivating more qualified employees and it is taking too much time for a new employee to be trained for corresponding jobs. Moreover, the social status, wages and working conditions, job opportunities of these graduates still need to be improved compared with their college graduates counterparts. Furthermore, their professional awareness is also to be raised to encourage them to be more fond of and devoted to their occupations and even make some innovations.

The suggestion also pointed that as one of our country's important equipment manufacturing bases, Dalian should have a vision to develop technical and skilled talents in advance to adapt to the new normal economic situation. In order to achieve this goal, the government should first work out a training plan of technical talents in accordance with the situation of the economic and industrial developments in Dalian so as to be able to predict and guide the number and areas of the needed talents. Then, the government should strive to offer the employees a fair job market and by deepening the reform of distribution system, special talents and especially those front-line employees should be provided with more wages. Besides wages, some positions and special talents should be offered with subsidies to stimulate their passion for working. Moreover, the vocational education should also be promoted, especially the way to cultivate talents with both the help from school and enterprises should be encouraged to carry on the curriculum reform and innovate the talents cultivating system. By sharing resources from colleges and the society, not only the limited resources will be better used but also the function of colleges offered to talents will be demonstrated better. Last but not least, the state-owned companies should open job opportunities to the society and provide people with chances to experience different jobs. Besides, state-owned companies should also shoulder the responsibilities to serve the masses and society with more occupational and professional knowledge. There should be a list of this kind of state-owned companies acknowledged by citizens.