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The municipal committee of China Democratic National Construction Association suggested to set up a fund of funds


It is a hot issue to push forward the innovation work in Dalian during the 4th session of 12th Dalian National Committee of the CPPCC. Concerning that, the municipal committee of China Democratic National Construction Association suggested that the government should set up a comprehensive service system, offer relevant policy supports and set up a fund of funds to help needed people to start their own businesses.

The suggestion also made it clear that the method of social investigation should be employed to evaluate the circumstances of the market and the implementations of policies so as to offer enterprise-starting indexes on due days. By offering them more initiatives than policies, deepening the reform of business mechanisms and deducting taxes and fees, the companies will feel more convenient to enter the business market. Besides, municipal comprehensive supporting system for entrepreneurship and corresponding incubators will also be set up to facilitate new businesses. The government will not only offer help during their processes of starting a business, but also cover the preparation stage and the operation stage. Talents, funds, programs and information about the government, companies, markets and the society will also be provided. According to the principle of "market dominating, government supporting and professional operating", the fund of funds will be set up to offer financial help to those newly-started businesses with social investments. Furthermore, the representatives also advised that the banks should offer an entrepreneurship guarantee debts instead of small amount of guarantee debts to encourage innovations. For those qualified small companies, they can also use methods like corporation bonds, convertible bonds and short-term financing to help them operating businesses with less money.

It is also suggested that there should be a kind of guarantee system for those pioneers so as to encourage more people to start up their own businesses. For entrepreneurship, there should be more financial supports especially to those small companies, subsidies of social guarantee and rents should be covered to help them go through the hardest time. Moreover, for those people and teams who are with special talents and leaderships, supports should be covered from household registration, housing, funds, taxes, the jobs of their family members and immigration management. All in all, the support for major entrepreneurship should be covered from all the areas from funds guidance to public platform building, from helping training centers to practical training system improvements. By cultivating new businesses and industry motivations, the innovative atmosphere will be formed gradually.