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Xue Ping, delegate of Municipal People’s Congress proposed to speed up the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry


Equipment manufacturing industry is a traditional advantageous industry of Dalian. After 60 years of development, it has become an important part in the domestic same industry with a complete range of industrial system, solid base and multiple enterprises. The Municipal People’s Congress delegate Xue Ping thinks the pilot area of a new round promotion of the northeastern old industrial base, Dalian should accelerate the structure adjustment of equipment manufacturing industry and implement the development strategy to spur innovation and motivation in face of the current difficulties concerning how to improve the quality and efficiency of economic development.

Xue thinks the innovation of mechanism and system is a vital move for Dalian’s equipment manufacturing industry to step up to a higher level. We should deepen the administrative reform concerning simplifying administrative procedures and delegating powers to lower levels, the integration of management and freedom and optimizing service so as to grant more freedom to enterprises, create a level playing field and optimize the mechanism serving for enterprises and society. The majority of equipment manufacturing industry in Dalian, especially those key equipment manufacturing industries are state-owned enterprises with a minority of competitive private enterprises. We should put up with some favorable policies for private enterprises such as providing systems for them to innovation and disclosing market admission standards and encourage them to participate in the restructuring and reorganization of state-owned enterprises, therefore an inexhaustible motive force for the development of Dalian’s equipment manufacturing industry will be formed by a gathering of more resources and wisdom.

Dalian has leading enterprises in the same domestic industry among the new generation of information technology industry, high-grade CNC machine tool, robot and aerospace equipment mentioned in “Made in China 2025”. It is necessary to increase the expenditure on scientific research and development and encourage those enterprises to innovate their technology and adjust their industrial structure in order to make the best use of these enterprises’ advantages. The outdated capacities that should have been phased out, limited or transformed will be handled properly and low-level redundant development will be completely eradicated. The adjustment towards high-level does not mean abandoning traditional equipment manufacturing industry, instead, it means improving it by modern technology and making it glow the new vitality and vigor.

It is essential to grasp key technology, independent intellectual property rights and substantial innovative ability for developing high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Practices have proved that the key and essential technology cannot be bought from enterprises in developed countries no matter how much money we spend. Hence, we must depend on self-dependent innovation. To implement innovative promotion, we must establish an enterprise-centered, market-oriented and combined technical innovation system with policy, industry, university, research and use, introduce scientific research and innovation team from domestic first-class universities to cater the needs of enterprises, strengthen the research on key technologies and set up national technology research and development center. We will strive to make breakthrough on a batch of key and common technologies in the competitive field of Dalian equipment manufacturing industry. We need to pay special attention to digest and update introduced technology, push forward integrated innovation, secondary innovation, original innovation in order to achieve key technology, relative intellectual property and improve the core competitiveness of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in a full scale.