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Tan Zuojun Attends the Shahekou District and Wafangdian City Delegation of 2nd Conference of 16th National People's Congress for Review


On Jan 10, Tan Zuojun as a deputy to the municipal People’s Congress, a member of the standing committee of the provincial party committee and secretary of municipal party committee joined in the Shahekou district and Wafangdian city delegation of 2nd conference of 16th National People's Congress and jointly reviewed “Government Work Report” together with the deputies to the People's Congress.


In the review, the deputies to the municipal People’s Congress from institutions, enterprises and rural roots fully affirm the “Government Work Report”, think that the work report coincides with the spirit of the Party Central Committee, is matched with practical conditions in Dalian, summarizes work based on facts, scientifically and deeply determines situations, practically plans work, and proposes some comments and recommendations on further freeing minds, perfecting urban development plan, promoting construction of regional financial center, supporting quick development of technical innovation enterprise, promoting development of rail transit and shaft industry, preventing and solving the financial risks, and proposes comments and recommendations for “three agriculture” work.


Tan Zuojun fully affirms speech of everyone and fully agrees with “Government Work Report”. He points out that some economic and social development achievements have been achieved under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and provincial party committee, unity and struggle and hard work of the cadres and mass in 2018. To complete work in 2019, everyone shall unite around the Party Central Committee with the comrade Xi Jinping as the core in Dalian, carefully carry out and implement the resolutions and plans of the Party Central Committee and provincial party committee, keep confidence and concentration, unite and cooperate with each other, work hard, build the good political ecosystem with fair and just atmosphere, form the powerful resultant force for promotion of high-quality development, and initiate the new situation of “Two Advanced Districts”  in the new era with new look, new acts and new behaviors.


Tan Zuojun highlights as follows: As the central area, Shahekou district is led by the scientific plan, finds its position, highlights its characteristics, carries out precise layout, strengthens modern service industry such as big finance and logistics, and promotes high-quality development of the modern service industry. It shall aim at multi-level consumption requirements, speed up transformation from traditional commerce to experienced business mode, perfect auxiliary service functions, and build the vital commercial circle. It shall continuously deepen “Release, Management and Service” reform, make efforts to solve “Difficult Affairs Handling” problem of the enterprises and mass, construct “Warm” and “Fresh” new relation between governments and commerce, and build the optimal operation and commercial environment. It shall continue transacting livelihood caused by the mass, and make the mass see and sense more discounts.


Tan Zuojun highlights as follows: Wafangdian city shall obey leadership of political construction, completely strengthen party building, continue keeping high-pressure situations for punishing corruption, continuously obey strict disciplines, build the good political ecosystem with fair and just atmosphere, and provide strong political guarantee for high-quality development. By combing actual conditions, further arrange the development idea, implement policies by category according to actual conditions, speed up transformation and upgrading of advantageous industries such as high-end manufacturing industry and modern agriculture, and make efforts to develop strong driving industries such as fine chemistry. Everyone shall unite for future and all leaders shall play a leading role, do things in a down-to-earth manner, strive together with all mass in Dalian, endure with dogged will, work hard, and drive high-quality development of Wafangdian for new steps.