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Municipal committee members of CPPCC deliberated work statement of CPPCC standing committee and work statement of proposals in groups


The municipal committee members of CPPCC participating in the 12th meeting of the 13th session of municipal committee of CPPCC deliberated the work report of the municipal committee of CPPCC standing committee and the work statement of proposal in groups yesterday. Wang Qiyao, chairman of the municipal committee of CPPCC, vi e-chairman of the municipal committee of CPPCC and secretary-general participated in the deliberation in groups. At the site of grouped deliberation, committee members speak out freely about feeling, proposals and development, to provide suggestions for promoting high-quality development of the municipal committee of CPPCC, so as to construct the “two-advanced area” in the new era.


It was agreed by committee members that the work statement of the municipal committee of CPPCC was made on high political viewpoint, and the work conclusion was practical and realistic, proposing definite work requirements to implementing the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era by Xi Jinping and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, so as to serve the overall interests around emphasis, to explore the new situation of the works of CPPCC.


According to speeches of committee members, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government paid close attention to proposal management of municipal committee of CPPCC, especially the “No.1 proposal” selected by municipal committee of CPPCC, proposals supervised and handled by chairman and emphasized proposal. A lot of proposals promoted improvement and promotion of works of related departments, facilitating effective solution of related problems.


When participating in the deliberation of the Communist Party of China and the specially invited personnel, Qang Qiyao highly confirmed the strengthening of party members’ conscious by members of Communist Party of China, giving full play of exemplary and vanguard roles of Party members and vigorous support from specially invited personnel in the past year.


It was emphasized by Wang Qiyao that the municipal committee of CPPCC would strengthen leading to works of CPPCC by the Party in 2019, and would insist on taking strengthening of ideology and politics guiding and wide collection of consensus as the center link for resumption. It is necessary for CPPCC members to further strengthen sense of mission and sense of responsibility about CPPCC works and strengthen leading consciousness of the Party, to achieve “two-maintenance” and undertake “dual tasks” and “dual power”, so as to give full play to the united front functions of CPPCC. In this way, it collects powerful strength for reforms and development and promotes new stairs of CPPCC, to contribute to construction of a moderately prosperous society , acceleration of construction of “two-advanced area”, as well as prosper of Liaoning.


According to various committee members, in 2019, they will implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with the guidance of the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era by Xi Jinping, as well implement deployment by the National leadership and provincial and municipal committee. They will perform their duties based on the two reports, and give full play to advantages of CPPCC, to coordinate, innovate, pursue for excellence and undertake. They will follow the development of the new era and conduct in-depth investigation and research, and give suggestions, to implement requirements from the municipal Party committee to CPPCC and collect strength from all circles in promoting prosper and development of Dalian, to contribute intelligence and strength to construction of the “two-advanced areas” in the new era.