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A Speech Made by Tan Chengxu at Closing Ceremony of the 1st Conference of the 16th National People’s Congress of Dalian



January 25, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen:

Thank you for electing me as the mayor of Dalian. I’m fully aware of greatness of your expectation and trust. This is also the trust placed in me by the seven million people of Dalian. I hereby express my sincere gratitude for you – the NPC representatives and the people of Dalian! When I take over the post of mayor at the historical moment, I deeply feel the greatness of my responsibility, as well as the glory of the mission entrusted to me. I promise that I’m always be loyal to the responsibility placed on me by the Party and the people; I’m always  true to my mission; I’m always full of passion for the struggle ahead; I’m always ready to make the sacrifice for the Party and the country; I would never fail the expectation and trust of the central committee of the Communist Party of China, the CPC committee of Liaoning Province, as well as the CPC committee of Dalian; I would never fail the expectation and trust of you – the NPC representatives, as well as the people you represent; I will faithfully perform my due obligations.

Dalian is the bridgehead for revitalization and opening up of Northeastern China. It has a glorious tradition. It’s a charming city. Dalian is well-known for its great achievement and promising prospect of development. The people of Dalian are full of pride for the city. I have a deep feeling for Dalian where I was born and grew up. I would like to use the platform and opportunity to return the favor provided for me by the people of my homeland. Comrade Xiao Shengfeng just now made an emotional speech, expressing his passion and hopes for Dalian. Let me express my highest regards and sincere gratitude for Comrade Xiao Shengfeng and other members of the former municipal leadership, as well as the comrades of the successive former leaderships of Dalian for the great works they had done. 

We have begun a new journey. This is a sacred mission. China has entered a new stage for development of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Dalian is at another new starting point of development. According to the 5th conference of the 12th CPC committee of Dalian, the initiative for building “two leading zones” ushers in a new era for Dalian, sounding the call for Dalian to be the leader for the overall revitalization of Liaoning Province. The government work report made by Comrade Xiao Shengfeng has made comprehensive deployments for the economic and social development of Dalian for this year and the next five years. We are greatly encouraged by the targets specified by the blueprint. We are full of confidence.

In response to the call of Chinese Dream and the call of our duty, I, hereby make the following solemn promises for the people of Dalian:

1. Taking a clear-cut political stand

We always attach great importance to a firm and correct political orientation by firmly adhering to the “four kinds of political consciousness”, further studying and implementing the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and continuing to use Xi Jinping’s thoughts of building socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm ourselves, guide us in the practice and promote our works.

2. Strictly focusing on revitalization and development as the first priority

We must strictly implement the new development idea.

We must concentrate our efforts on a. improving the mechanism to motivate inborn force of development; b. promoting structural adjustment to accelerate economic transformation and industrial upgrading; c. encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship to add new momentum of development; d. continuing to improve people’s livelihood.

We must continue to promote the supply-side reform, reform of state-owned enterprises, as well as improvement of the working style of governmental departments and the governmental personnel. 

We must make progress while ensuring stability. This should be the general tone of our works.

We must adhere to the requirement of high quality development.

We must focus on the great objective of building the “two leading zones”.

We must comprehensively implement the deployments made by the Liaoning CPC committee and the people’s government of Liaoning for the development of Dalian.

We must find the right position for the implementation of the “one belt & five bases” strategy for revitalization of Northeastern China as well as the “five-region development” strategy for Liaoning Province.

We must be the pacesetter for economic development along the coast in Liaoning.

We must set a good example by achieving sound development of Dalian free trade area which is part of Liaoning free trade zone.

We must overcome all obstacles to promote sustained and healthy development in Dalian socially and economically.

3. whole-heartedly serving the people.

I would always remember the favor provided for me by the Party and the people of Dalian. I would convert my deep gratitude for Dalian, my hometown into the power for my works. I would always attach great importance to improving the people’s livelihood in my hometown.

4. Building a clean, honest and self-disciplined government.

We sincerely welcome supervision from all aspects.

We would always strictly abide by the Party’s disciplinary code and well-behaved practice, including the 8-point anti-corruption regulations.

We would never waver in our fight against formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagant life style on the part of governmental officials.

We would assume a conscientious attitude to our works.

We would be clean, honest men.

5. Adhering to a down-to-earth working style  

We would actively promote a strict, fine, solid working style.

We would set strict standards for our works and personnel.

We would face challenges bravely.

We would never avoid contradictions or be indifferent to matters of principle.

We would never be afraid of offending other people who disobey the Party disciplinary code.

We would bravely should our due responsibility.

We would never dilly-dally in solving the problems we encounter.

While making the overall planning, we would at the same time stick to the details and keep track of the details in our works.

When doing our works, we would try to nip any major mistake in the bud.

We would aim right at the crux of any issue we face.

We would seek practical results in our works.

We would energetically encourage the practice of investigations and studies. 

We would never seek undeserved reputation.

We would never spend our time doing paperwork.

We would never be empty talkers.

We would always be faithful to our promises.

Ladies and gentlemen, comrades, I firmly believe that under the strong leadership by the CPC committee of Dalian, on the basis laid down by the successive municipal governments, with the cooperation of the National People Congress of Dalian as well as the People’s Political Consultative Conference of Dalian, and thanks to the participation of the people, we would never fail the trust of the Liaoning CPC committee and the Dalian CPC committee, as well as the expectation of the people of Dalian. Guided by Xi Jinping’s thought of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, let’s unanimously look forward and work wholeheartedly for the new chapter for the development of Dalian!

Thank you!