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The First Session of 13th Provincial People's Congress Was Solemnly Opened


On January 27th, Liaoning First Session of 13th Provincial People's Congress was solemnly opened in Liaoning people’s hall. All 598 representatives attending the meeting fulfilled their responsibilities with political enthusiasm to paint a beautiful blueprint together for revitalizing development of Liaoning in future five years.

The meeting executive chairmen Chen Qiufa, Tang Yijun, Zhou Zhongxuan, Zhao Guohong, Bing Zhigang, Tong Zhiwu, Liu Zhengkui and Jiang Bin sat in the front of the rostrum.

This meeting was also attended by leaders, Xia Deren, Yi Lianhong, Tan Zuojun, Li Wenzhang, Fan Weiping, Fan Jiying, Zhang Lei, Wang Bianjiang, Liao Jianyu, Wang Zhengpu, Guan Zhiou, Liu Huanxin, Zhang Lianyi, Zhang Lei, He Min, Chen Lvping, Jiang Rui, Wang Dawei, Cui Fenglin, Xin Guizi, Xue Heng, Sun Yuanliang, Teng Weiping, Li Xiaoan, Tang Jianwu, Wang Song, Wu Xianhua, Shi Guiru, Dai Yulin, Zhang Xuequn and Yu Tianmin, as well as former provincial leaders and comrades in CPPCC, Yue Fuhong, Wen Shizhen, Zhang Wenyue, Sun Qi, Wang Huaiyuan and Xiao Zuofu.

At 9:00, the meeting opened solemnly with the national song. Chen Qiufa, executive chairman and standing chairman of presidium, presided over the meeting. Tang Yijun, acting governor, made the report for the people's government of Liaoning province.

Tang Yijun mentioned that 2017 was the last full year of the present government. According to the established blueprint, we have accomplished many great and practical works. The economy was in a steady and good momentum. Besides, It has improved the development quality and efficiency gradually and made many new glorious new achievements.

Based on the preliminary calculation, the gross regional production of Liaoning province was 2.3942 trillion yuan, up 4.2% over the previous year. The one-way declining economic growth since 2011 was changed greatly. The local fiscal revenue reached 419.83 billion yuan, an increase of 8.6%. The general public budget reached 239.02 billion yuan, up 8.6%. The rural and urban per capita disposable income reached 34,993 and 13.747 yuan, up 6.4% and 6.7% respectively. The speed of increase for residents' income was higher than that of economy.

The following key projected targets for government in future 5 years: By 2020, the speed of increase of major economic indicators shall be not lower than national mean level. A better result on building moderately prosperous society in pace with the country shall be strived to gain. By 2022, it shall make significant progress on the construction of “One Belt Five Bases” and on the development of five regions, make breakthrough for the comprehensively deepening reform, improve open economy level and scientific innovative ability significantly, increase the development quality and efficiency notably, dramatically optimize ecological and commercial environment and apparently improve people’s livelihood. Besides, it shall achieve gradual achievement for the overall revitalization of Liaoning province and lay a solid foundation for the modernization construction.

This year kicked off the implementation of spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the responsibilities shouldered by new government. Besides, it’s also crucial for the construction of moderately prosperous society and the implementation of the Thirteenth Five-year Plan. Therefore, this year will be of vital importance.

Tang Yijun said, based on the comprehensive considerations of current social economic development situation and working orientation, it is suggested that the following key projected targets for development this year: the gross regional product growth and general public budget growth both around 6.5%, the added value of industries above a designated scale growth 7%, fixed-asset investment increase kept 10%, increases in total retail sales of consumer goods 5%, a steady share of import and export volumes, CPI increase kept at 3%, new employment in urban area 410 thousand with the registered unemployment rate lower than 4.5%, increases in personal income basically in step with economic growth, a reduction of at least 3.2 percent in energy consumption per unit of gross regional product, and continued reductions in the release of major pollutants.

And then, Tang Yijun reported the government proprieties in 2018 from 10 aspects: lay emphasizes on the issues of deepening reform, overall openness, innovation development, modernized economic construction, rural revitalization, commercial environment optimization, construction of “One Belt Five Bases”, five regional development, three tough fights and improvement of people’s livelihood.

In accordance with meeting agenda, the implementation of Liaoning 2017 plan for national social economic development, together with the report of 2018 plan draft, implementation of Liaoning 2017 budget and report of 2018 budget draft, has been submitted to representatives in written form for examination.

The meeting adopted by vote the election method of the First Session of 13th Provincial People's Congress.