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The 4th Session of the 15th Municipal People's Congress comes to a successful close


Yesterday, after concluding all its procedures, the 4th Session of the 15th Municipal People's Congress concluded successfully at Dalian International Conference Center. The session urged the city's people to cooperate with stronger confidence and forge ahead and be promising to fight for building a comprehensive well-off society, speeding up the construction of "Two Advanced Zones" and creating a new situation of economic and social development in the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period under the correct leadership of the CPC Dalian committee.

Li Jingrui, the executive chairman of the general assembly and the director of the Municipal People's Congress presided over the closing ceremony.

The executive chairmen of the session are Tang Jun, Song Shanyun, Yao Jiakai, Wang Yue, Sun Guangtian, Qu Xiaofei, Zhang Jun, Chen Limin, Wang Ping , Shen lirong and Liu Xiaobing.

Xiao Shengfeng, Li Wancai and other city leaders at the podium were seated at the podium.

The meeting adopted a decision that accepted Yao Jiakai and Chen Limin to resign from the office of deputy director of Municipal People's Congress and held a by-election that elected Liu Aijun as the deputy director of Municipal People's Congress. The meeting also elected members of Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee and decided the directors of the committee related to Municipal People's Congress. Amidst warm applause, the newly elected officers went to the podium to meet with the delegates. Later on, the newly elected officers solemnly swore to the Constitution.

The meeting passed a vote, adopted a resolution on the work report of the Municipal People's Government, and approved the "Government Work Report". The meeting fully affirmed the city government's work over the past year, agreed to the report on the general ideas and objectives of the economic and social development in 2016.The meeting stressed that we should take the spirit of the Party's Session as a guide and be in accordance with the central, provincial, municipal work arrangements, firmly establish and implement the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing, highlight the leading role of innovation, reform and opening up, focus on improving the institutional mechanisms and advancing the structural adjustment and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, thus ensuring and improving people's livelihood. Moreover, we will insist on maintaining stability and coordination and promoting the four modernization, and fully implement the task of steady growth, structural adjustment, promoting reform and improving people's livelihood, thus promoting sustained and healthy economic development, social harmony and stability.

The meeting adopted the 13th Five-year Plan of Dalian and the Execution Plan in 2015 and Development Plan in 2016 of Dalian and the budget of 2015 and 2016. The meeting also adopted the work report of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, the City Intermediate People's Court and the Municipal People's Procuratorate.(Resolution can be found in the 2nd version)

After finishing the agenda, Li Jingrui took a speech, saying that 2016 is the beginning of the 13th Five-year Plan, so we are faced with a lot of challenges. The municipal People's Congress and its standing committee and the "One Government, People’s Court and People’s procuratorate" should listen to the strong leadership of the CPC Dalian committee and the unification of thought, firm the confidence, inspire the spirit and pay attention to the implementation. According to the overall layout of "Five In One" and " Four Overall Strategic Layout”, firmly establish and implement the developmental concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. What’s more, we should take the initiative to lead the economic development and insist on opening and reforming and insist on the keynote of growing while maintaining stability. In addition, we should implement the requirements of “four strives”, and stick to steady growth, structural adjustment, benefiting people's livelihood and risk prevention. Then we must make overall planning for the Four Modernization and coordinated advance to ensure the healthy development of society and the happiness of people.

At last, Li Jingrui said, we have made the working plan in 2016 and got prepared for the “13th Five-Year Plan”so let’s work together and do our best to fight for achieving the goal of  building a comprehensive well-off society and speeding up the construction of “Two Advanced Zone”.

The conference concluded in the majestic national anthem.