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Wang Jun, Director General of the Municipal Bureau of Urban Planning: the innovation of “Four Dimensions” will solve the difficulties in parking cars


Planning goes first in urban construction. What are the major issues for the people’s livelihood this year? Yesterday, Wang Jun, Director General of the Municipal Bureau of Urban Planning present at the Fourth Session of the 15th Dalian Municipal People’s Congress expressed that this year the Bureau would innovate concepts and make plans for the slow-moving traffic and static traffic systems in terms of four aspects to solve the difficulties in parking cars. Meanwhile, the Bureau would focus on the strategy of innovation driving development and on the basis of stabilizing growth, promoting reform and benefiting the masses constantly improve the urban comprehensive competitiveness through scientific planning.  

To carry out the work deployments by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government for solving the car-parking difficulties, Dalian has set out to make special plans for formulating traffic and static traffic systems. Compared with past planning, the planning this time will feature four “New Dimensions”. Firstly, encourage the application of three-dimensional parking facilities, such as parking buildings, multilayer underground parking lots and mechanical multilayer parking facilities and focus on developing three-dimensional parking facilities in subway stations, various transportation junctions and transfer centers; secondly, based on the differentiated supply and demand relations, adopt such measures as limiting supply, balancing supply and expanding supply in different areas. For example, encourage bus trip in public central areas with advanced public transit to optimize the supply scale of parking space and balance the relations between the dynamic and static traffic; thirdly, stick to the development principle of marketization and industrialization and encourage social and private capital into the construction and operation of parking lots. The innovation in the policies and systems released by the government in terms of land, investment and prices has provided a good environment for the development of parking industry ; fourth, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of streets, communities and social organizations to contribute ideas and suggestions, increase supply of parking space according to local conditions, strive to explore space in squares, large pieces of green land, unused land and space in the enterprises and public institutions to increase three-dimensional parking facilities so as to meet the rigid parking needs.

It is reported that in addition to powerfully ensuring the implementation of the major projects concerning people’s livelihood, including housing security, urban construction, environmental protection, water projects, river regulation, road traffic, public health, compulsory education, service for the aged, culture and sports, commercial distribution and social service, the Municipal Bureau for Urban Planning still plans to complete within two years the integration of planning in such areas as economic and social development, town and county, land utilization, overall environment, protection and utilization of forests and functional zones of ocean so as to improve the feasibility of planning, provide platforms for efficiently carrying out the “Parallel Connection Examination and Approval System” and reduce the approval procedures. Meanwhile, the Bureau will accelerate the system construction of “One Map” of town and county planning to realize the innovation in planning and management mechanism.