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Zhang Shuping, Director General of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration: Dalian will carry out the work of establishing a state-level food safet


Food safety is of the utmost importance for people’s livelihood as well as the heatedly discussed issue by the deputies to the People’s Congress and members of the CPPCC year by year at the two sessions. Yesterday, Zhang Shuping, Director General of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration present at the Fourth Session of the 15th Dalian Municipal People’s Congress introduced that the Food Safety Office of the State Council would expand the pilot project of establishing food safety cities in 2016 and list 15 cities as the second batch of pilot cities, including 11 provincial capitals and 4 individual cities with Dalian on the list.

The establishment of food safety cities is the specific action to implement the “Four Strictests” put forward by the Party Central Committee and the State Council and manage the “table pollution”. Zhang Shuping expressed that Dalian would through 2-3 years of practical work achieve the following objectives: the overall condition of food safety continuously remains at a high level and especially that of major foodstuff, such as grain, cereal products, edible oil, vegetables, fruits, meat, meat products, eggs, aquatic products, dairy products and health food, and that of staple and supplementary food intended for babies and other specific people remain at a relative high level; avoid the occurrence of major food safety accidents with adverse influence; establish and perfect the following systems of food safety:supervision and management system, risk control system, traceability system, technical support system, emergency management system and social shared governance system; ensure supervision on all the needed investment of personnel, property and materials and establish a steady growth mechanism of financial investment in food safety; realize the full coverage of supervision and law enforcement to effectively rectify problems in food safety; ; the food industry operates by law with healthy development; the comprehensive rating mark according to the evaluation criterion for establishing food safety cities realizes 85 above; the food safety work enjoys relatively good recognition and satisfaction among all sectors of society and the masses; during the establishment process, the appraisal mark by the third party increases gradually and the overall satisfaction reaches above 70% in times of provincial evaluation.