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Wang Jinliang, Director General of Dalian Municipal Bureau of Land Resources and Housing: at the end of the “13th Five-Year” period, coverage rate of


The housing issue concerns the well-being of people and the overall situation of economic and social development. Yesterday, Wang Jinliang, Director General of The Municipal Bureau of Land Resources and Housing present at the Fourth Session of the 15th Dalian Municipal People’s Congress expressed that Dalian would in accordance with the housing system principle of “low-end housing with guarantee, secondary housing with support and high-end housing with market”, establish a housing system integrating purchasing with renting, optimize the ratio of supply and demand in the real estate market and speed up the system reform of the property management to make the residents live in a comfortable manner.

“The success in building a well-off society depends on fellow-villagers”. During the decisive period of comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society, Dalian will take advantage of the preferential policies of banks in financing credit, intensify the shantytowns transformation and meanwhile improve the urbanization rate of registered population to guide the citizenization of new migrant workers. According to the planning, at the end of the “13th Five-Year” period, coverage rate of housing security for family registered in urban areas will reach 23%. Currently, the permanent population throughout the cities and towns mounts to about 1.2 million households and based on this number, housing security will be needed for 36 thousand newly increased households during the “13th Five-Year” period. Shantytowns transformation will solve the housing problems for 16 thousand households and 20 thousand households will enjoy newly increased renting allowances.

To retain talents, Dalian will implement the “3345 Settling-in Projects of Introducing Talents” to solve the housing needs for three types of talents, including high-level personnel, talents urgently needed for industry development and newly employed or self-employed college graduates. In the meantime, to attract more outside talents to settle down in Dalian, Dalian will vigorously cultivate the house rent market and strive to implement one or two pilot projects of “Apartments with Double Precedence” that safeguard talents and the aged to ensure the housing need of the introduced talents and the aging population.

In terms of the real estate market, double measures will be taken to optimize the market ratio of supply and demand. Based on local market conditions, Dalian will strictly control the scale, layout and tempo of land supply and conduct structural adjustment and region optimization according to regional characteristics. For example, put industrial development first in regions suitable for industrial development to create job and self-employment opportunities; create “Intelligence Highland” in regions blessed with school resources; develop tourism and pension industries in regions with natural ecologic dominance to further stimulate regional advantages and values.

To improve the living comfort level for the citizens, Dalian will improve the new type system of property management while pressing ahead with the “123 Projects” of real estate maintenance. In addition to the Municipal Mediation Committee and Office of Property Management Disputes, 15 Mediation Committee and Centers of Property Management Disputes at district and county levels and 14 Expert Databases and Mediation Committees at streets and community levels, Dalian will optimize the mediation system of property management disputes and establish the market supervision framework featuring “comprehensiveness, clear-cut responsibilities, integration of power and responsibility, joint law-enforcement and satisfactory service”. Meanwhile, the service platform of information networks on property management will be set up to realize the standardization, marketization and professionalization of property service through the technology of Internet plus to improve the satisfaction degree of the citizens.