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Chinese Currency

The currency in circulation is as follows:


100 RMB: two types although only one is in common circulation.  The maximum denomination note.  Equivalent to about $13 US (subject to the current exchange rate).  The older style is blue (picture coming soon) and is pretty much gone but is still valid currency.


50 RMB: two types, both in common usage, newer type is pictured on the left.  The older, yellow type is larger and proved a significant target with currency forgers but this style is dying out slowly.


20 RMB: one type circulating


10 RMB: two types circulating.  The older one to the right (picture coming soon).


5 RMB: two types circulating.  The left style is the newer, harder to fake version.  It is slightly smaller than old one.


2 RMB: one type circulating.


1 RMB: note and coin.  The 1 RMB coin is fairly large, about 2cm and heavier than all other coins.


5 Jiao (0.5 RMB): note and coin.  The 5 Jiao coin is fairly small and is easily recognizable as the only bronze colored coin in the Chinese currency system.


2 Jiao (0.2 RMB): note.  As with the 5 Jiao note is smaller than the 1 RMB note by about 15%.  The 5, 2, and 1 Jiao notes are all pretty much this size.


1 Jiao (0.1 RMB): note and coins.