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Fujiazhuang attracts over 100 thousand people in two days

Recently, "barbecue mode" starts in Dalian, making many beach bathing places fully occupied. It was known from the management department of Fujiazhuang Park that the environmental quality of bathing places has been notably improved and the number ofvisitors significantly increased. In peak season, the average daily number of tourists reaches 30 thousand, and in the last two days, Fujiazhuang attracted over 100 thousand people.

Setting up parking lot at the front entrance
The difficulty in parking is the common problem that confronts urban bathing places.Fujiazhuang Park prohibits foreign vehicles from entering the park to provide a safe environment for tourists. Residents and visitors can park their cars in the parking lot at the main entrance of the park or in the place designatedby  public security police departments. Considering the heavy traffic and limited parking places, the park suggests that citizens take buses to travel and avoid the peak period.

Voluntary rescue squad is resident to the beach
Fujiazhuang Sea Bathing Place attracts a large number of visitors every year and the safety work thus becomes the key point of management for the park. This year, the park continues to coordinate with the Red Cross to strengthen training onthe voluntary rescue team, set up warning signs and  sea tide tables, repair the watchtower, purchase rescue equipment such as binoculars, radio and life jackets,anddesignate staff to monitor maritime situation to ensure the safety of tourists.

Whole-day consultation service
The information desk was set up in the middle of the beach to timely provide service for the tourists from 8 am to 6 pm everyday. Besides, General Management Office and the Police Station were established.

The law enforcement officers, precinct Police Station and Blue Shark Mobile Brigade police coordinated with each other to eliminate destabilizing factors around the resort to create an orderly environment.

In the sea-visiting peak season, many tents were put up not only along the beaches but also on the lawn, which caused great difficulty for cleaning. Fujiazhuang park takes many measures such as increasing the number of cleaners and prolonging the cleaning time to improve the environmental quality.