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Dachangshandao Town actively works on tourism safety during the precaution against extraordinary rainstorm

To further implement the notification requirements on reinforcing the precaution against extraordinary rainstorm by the county government, Dachangxingdao Town took several measures to ensure tourism safety.

The first was to enhance leadership and specify responsibilities. According to the weather report provided by the meteorological department, the inspection group was assigned to such areas as tourist attractions, star restaurants, fishing family’s hotels and bathing places to guide and urge operators to prepare enough materials for the possible rainstorm and flood.

The second was to enhance inspection on hidden dangers. The tourist attractions were urged to enhance safety evaluation and safety measures.

The third was to enhance prewarning. Tourist attractions were urged to close all the outdoor bathing projects and forbid tourists to play along beaches.

The fourth was to enhance emergency duty. The emergency duty in Yangjia Village and Haxian Village was enhanced and leaders and staff on duty were urged to learn about the tourism safety information during the storm and report any safety accident timely according to relevant procedure.