Dalian Port

Originally Dalian came into existence because of its great natural harbor, and has gained much of its prosperity by taking advantage of it. Dalian Port, with its prime geographical location and deep water, never freezes or silts up. It's the maritime transportation center of northern China, and one of the most important trade harbors across East Asia.

Currently ships from more than 160 countries and regions in the world have passed through this harbor. The corridor between Dalian and Yantai is the busiest sea route in the country. In 2002, the general handling capacity of the harbor hit 100 million tons. Boarding the "Dalian No.1" deluxe yacht is a good way to view the harbor in its entirety.

Tel: 86-411-82623087 / 82626933-8123 (Yacht Dept. of Jiaotong Int'l Travel Agency)
Transportation: Terminal of No. 13, 708 Bus Ticket: RMB12 (harbor visiting)