Car Insurance & Third Party Liability

Do you need to buy damage insurance for your vehicle?

Vehicle damage insurance is one of the most important vehicle insurance, in case you become responsible for compensation due to a natural disaster or a traffic accident. You don't need to pay much for coverage but you are then subject to a lot of insurance protection. Generally speaking, you are better buying the insurance if you buy an import, or a domestic car that hasn't been driven for a while. Also, you may not provide adequate protection to the car due to driving techniques or habits learned in your place of origin. If you don't buy the insurance, once there's damage to your car you will have to pay for the repair charges, which can amount to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Yuan.

What is the third party liability insurance?

Third party liability insurance is coverage for compensation on personal injuries, death, and direct property damage to the third party due to a traffic accident. The insurer will compensate the third party according to the insurance contract. Therefore, it is fairly necessary to buy this insurance. When you drive a car, a car crash and hitting people are what you fear most. Besides the damage caused to your own car, you also have to spend a lot on repair charges of the other car and the cost of medical treatment. You just need to pay one or two thousand Yuan for the insurance for protection. In a bid to protect the legal rights of victims, most local governments list the third party liability insurance as compulsory.  You cannot get a number plate and annual vehicle examination unless you buy the insurance.