The 2016 Dalian Clothing Fair has successfully ended

The 2016 China (Dalian) International Clothing Fair and Dalian Autumn Fashion Week have come to an end, which brought another fashion sense to Dalian. 
This year’s Clothing Fair with the theme of “Mutual Win in Dalian” located itself as the stage of fashion, innovation and trend and the channel that connects international brand and China market. During the Clothing Fair, new events appeared for the first time, such as Asian International Fur Exhibition, China Competition of Clothes Buyer, The Information Platform of Textile and Garment Industry—“Dalian Release”.

The 2016 Autumn Fashion Week came with the Clothing Fair. Nowadays, a northeast Asia fashion platform that focuses on fashion trends in China, Japan and South Korea has been formed in the Fashion Week. Aiming at building up the domestic brands and increasing designer’s influence, the platform held special release of fashion clothes, advanced brands, original clothes designed by designers and advanced customization show. Beside, a series of events also took place in the platform, such as lectures on fashion, salon of designers, fashion evaluation and fashion carnival. Each pavilion is filled with fashion sense and participants.

“Dalian Cup” International Youth Fashion Design Competition has been upgraded to a national-level. Countries and regions participating in the competition have extended from China, Japan and South Korea to Europe, Asia, and America, which greatly increased the international influence of this competition and also allowed Dalian citizens to feel the global fashion trend at home.