The European Cup promotes the travel to Europe in summer vacation and mid-June air ticket prices will rise by 20%

In recent days, the four-yearly European Cup has kicked off in France, attracting both the attention of football fans and Chinese tourists to travel to Europe in their summer vacation. According to the statistics of CTRIP, the bookings of air tickets to Europe and hotels in Europe in this summer have increased a lot but the prices have slightly dropped compared with those in last summer. Such countries as France, the UK, Germany and Italy are still popular choices. And other European countries as the tourists’ new favorite like Iceland, Portugal, Hungary and Czech have received bookings doubling last year.

It’s known from the internet that promoted by the events in the European Cup, the travelling rush of Chinese tourists to Europe has come nearly a month earlier than that in previous years. Since early June, the bookings of air tickets to Europe have increased remarkably and it’s estimated to reach its peak in July and August. However, compared with the high ticket price of nearly 10,000 yuan in the previous year, the tickets of this summer are not so high, even with some bargain prices offered by some airline companies during June. For instance, the round-trip air ticket from Shanghai to Zurich costs as little as 5284 yuan (including tax, the same below) in late June; the one from Beijing to Paris 5776 yuan; the one from Guangzhou to London 6062 yuan. The passengers with enough time can also spend less than 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan if catching a connecting flight.

It’s said that many direct airline routes to Europe have been started and many original routes have been greatly improved in safety and function as the prices dropped. Experts estimated that Europe will enter the summer travel season in the mid-July and thus the air ticket prices will rise by 20%. Therefore, it’s suggested that tourists should book air tickets and hotels as early as possible after making a schedule.