Zhuanghe City carried out an emergency drill for dealing with geological disaster

After an geological  disaster triggered by a storm happened somewhere in Buyunshan village, Zhuanghe City, relevant departments promptly initiated emergency plans, organized  groups, with such functions as keeping public security and traffic order, guaranteeing settlement and medical aid, monitoring  hidden dangers of disasters , evacuating  the masses and rushing to deal with an emergency, to spare no effort  to fight calamities, evacuate the masses and treat the injured until the dangerous situations were all removed. This was the scene we witnessed on the day of July 31st , when  the emergency drill for dealing with geological disasters was carried out  in Buyunshan village, Zhuanghe City. Yu caide, deputy mayor of Zhuanghe City attended this drill as well.


Zhuanghe City with many mountains and hills is more susceptible to geological disasters  and especially  the economic activities such as mine exploitation and construction work, rendered  Zhuanghe City more subject to hidden dangers of geological disasters. So far, throughout the Zhuanghe City, there have been 137 key geological-hazard-prone areas, among which 18 areas are listed as the key areas of Dalian City. To guarantee the life and property safety of the masses and construct livable homeland, relevant departments, villages and towns in Zhuanghe City have worked out specific emergency plans for the breakout of geological disasters, formed the network for the masses to prevent and report the potential disasters and meanwhile organized teams that could get ready at any time for fighting disasters successfully. On the scene of the drill, besides villages, towns and streets from Zhuanghe City, relevant departments from other districts and counties of Dalian City viewed and emulated the drill as well.