29th Dalian Sophora Viewing Festival & Northeastern Asia International Tourism Culture Week Kicks Off


29th Dalian Sophora Viewing Festival & Northeastern Asia International Tourism Culture Week Kicks Off

Tan Chengxu welcomed guests from home and abroad

In May, Dalian is full of the sweet smell of sophora. It is time to view the sophora. Yesterday morning, the 29th Dalian Sophora Viewing Festival & Northeastern Asia International Tourism Culture Week kicked off in Haibin Square in Bangchui Island.

The opening ceremony was attended by Li Jinzao, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, and proclaimed open by Tan Zuojun, member of the Standing Committee of Dalian Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Dalian Municipal Party Committee. Nicayi Junbo, Secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan and Member of the House of Representatives, Tan Chengxu, Deputy Secretary of Dalian Provincial Party Committee and Mayor, Satake Tokihisa, Governor of Japan Akita Prefecture, and Stefan Villan, Deputy Governor of the Coast Province of Charente, France, delivered speeches.

The ceremony was also attended by Song Jingwu, Vice Chairman of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and Hao Chunrong, Vice Governor of Liaoning Province, Xiong Boli, Member of the Standing Committee of Dalian Municipal Party Committee and Secretary-general of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Liu Xiaobin, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Dalian Municipal People's Congress, Zhao Min, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Committee of Dalian Municipal People's Government, Yi Qingtao, Secretary-General of Dalian Municipal Government. Deputy Mayor Hao Ming presided over the opening ceremony.

The guests from home and abroad invited to the opening ceremony were: Sakai Yoshihide, Deputy Governor of Hokkaido, Japan; Yashiro Yizo, Deputy Governor of Niigata Prefecture; and Bridge Yoji, the highest adviser of All Nippon Airways, and delegations and visitors from Japan, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Malaysia, and guests from different cities in China.

Nicayi Junbo said in his speech that as an honored citizen of Dalian, he is very pleased to be here again and participate in the 29th Dalian Sophora Viewing Festival & Northeastern Asia International Tourism and Culture Week. He is proud of the development of Dalian and will continue to promote the tourism festival activities of “Sophora for Friendship and Tourism for Development.” He wished the activity a complete success.

Tan Chengxu, on behalf of Dalian municipal party committee and Dalian municipal government, expressed welcome to all guests attending the activities. He said that this Sophora Viewing Festival is a chance to deepen friendship and cooperation. It is also a beautiful business card for Dalian, which helps Dalian better integrate with the world economy, expand exchanges and cooperation with other countries and achieve win-win. Tan Chengxu said: This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. President Xi Jinping emphasized that China’s opening up will never be closed, but open bigger and bigger.

As the opening window of Northeastern China, Dalian is the largest and most dynamic city. It has a number of national open platforms such as China (Liaoning) Free Trade Zone, and is an international shipping cluster of Northeastern Asia International Shipping Center, International Logistics Center, Regional Financial Center and Modern Industry. We will provide foreign companies with better and more efficient services so that all can share the new opportunity for Dalian's opening up and create a bright future for cooperation and win-win.

 Satake Tokihisa expressed his congratulations on the opening of the activity. He said that Akita Prefecture has a deep relationship with Dalian, and Otaru-cho holds a flower festival every June. Then Akita Prefecture and Dalian signed a friendly memorandum, hoping that they can continuously deepen economic and trade cooperation and non-governmental exchanges.

Stefan Villan thanked Dalian for inviting the delegation to participate in the activity. He said that they are very much looking forward to welcome Chinese tourists to visit the Charente and enjoy the charming local style.

The Dalian Sophora Viewing Festival began in 1989 and has been successfully held for 28 sessions. It has become an international tourism festival that has a major impact. This year, it will have 18 viewing routes, organizing 27 activities including the China-Japan Tourism Exchange Conference & Japan's Northern Japan Ship Stuck Harbor Forum Dalian Conference, Dalian Tourism Promotion and Shopping Week, China-Japan Tourist Sophora Viewing, and Wushu and Taiji Show and China's "Future Star" Equestrian Points Competition Dalian Station. The scale of the event is the largest one compared with the past.