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The twenty-eighth Dalian Sophora Flowers Appreciation Gala and Northeast Asia International Tourism Culture Week is kicked off

In the flourishing season of Sophora flowers, Chinese and foreign guests gathered together again to celebrate a city’s festival. Yesterday morning, at the Bangchui Island Beach Plaza, Xiao Shengfeng, mayor of Dalian City announced the opening of the twenty-eighth Dalian Sophora Flowers Appreciation Gala and Northeast Asia International Tourism Culture Week, and unveiled the nameplate for Dalian Municipal Tourism Development Committee together with Wei Hongtao, deputy director of National Tourism Administration. Lu Lin, member of Municipal Standing Committee and deputy mayor; Qu Xiaofei, vice director of  Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee; Hao Fanglin, vice chairman of Municipal Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Luo Dongsheng, secretary-general of Municipal Government attended the opening ceremony.

The overseas guests invited to attend the opening ceremony were as follows: Nagasaki Kotaro, member of Japanese House of Representatives; Shizuka Hideki, consul general of the Japanese Consulate General in Shenyang; Osashi Muratadashi, director of the Japan Travel Industry Association; Tsukabe Yoshikazu, mayor of Japan Imari City; Matsumoto Teruhito, deputy mayor of Kitakyushu;  Oomori akihiko, speaker of the Tokyo Ota City; Oohashi Youji,  the advanced adviser of All Nippon Airways Holdings Ltd. and Dai Long, chief operating officer of the Asia-Pacific Travel Association, as well as relevant delegations and tourists from Japan, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Italy, France, Nepal, Indonesia and other countries and districts.

Dalian Sophora Flowers Appreciation Gala was established in 1989, which has been successfully held for 27 sessions since then and repeatedly won the title of “China’s most influential international tourism festival”. A total of 24 activities would be held in the Gala this year, including tourism and cultural exchange activities, walking festival for appreciating the sophora flowers among Chinese and Japanese tourists, martial arts and tai chi performances as well as international cultural exchanges on martial arts and so on, covering all districts, cities and counties in Dalian.

Tsukabe Yoshikazu expressed congratulations to the opening of Dalian Sophora Flowers Appreciation Gala and Northeast Asia International Tourism Culture Week. He said that the Gala took sophora flowers as media and played a bridge role in deepening friendly relations among countries. He hoped that the Gala would be able to further strengthen the extensive exchanges among Dalian, Japan and the rest of the world in economy, trade, culture and tourism and other fields.

Dai Long showed that the tourism and urban development of Dalian enjoyed a renowned reputation in the Asia-Pacific tourism circle. He said: “although it is the first time for me to come to Dalian, I can feel the hospitality of Dalian People, appreciate beautiful scenery and experience the romantic and fashionable atmosphere of Dalian upon my arrival.” He also expressed that participating in the Gala further enhanced the Asia-Pacific Tourism Association’s confidence to promote Dalian’s development and they were willing to make Dalian’s voice  heard in the world and support the development of China’s tourism industry.

Lu Lin greeted all the Chinese and foreign guests attending the twenty-eighth Dalian Sophora Flowers Appreciation Gala and Northeast Asia International Tourism Culture Week and sincerely welcomed friends all over the world to take a vacation in Dalian. He hoped that more domestic and foreign guests would fall in love with Dalian, stay in Dalian, invest to Dalian and be integrated into Dalian to cooperate with Dalian in a more extensive field and seek common development strategy, build up the great cause of development and create a better future at Dalian, which was a beautiful and romantic city full of investment opportunities and prosperity.

In order to promote the reform and development of tourism in Dalian, Dalian Municipal Tourism Bureau officially changed its name to Dalian Municipal Tourism Development Committee under the authorization of Organization Committee in Dalian and Liaoning province, which demonstrated firm determination and pragmatic actions of the Municipal Committee and Government to promote the leap development of tourism in Dalian.