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Jinpu New District welcomes travel peak season during Qingming Festival

Sunshine and vigor fill spring days during Qingming Festival. Jinpu New District welcomes the first travel peak season. According to statistics of Bureau of Commerce, the District receives 231,600 tourists within the 3-day festival, contributing to 0.262 billion yuan of tourism consumption and achieving the goal of safety, order, quality, effectiveness and civilization in tourism market.

During Qingming Festival, the short-distance tour gains most popularity. 35,200 self-drive cars travel through Shenyang, Anshan, Yingkou, Dandong and Dalian. The number of overnight tourists has increased remarkably, reaching 27,600 person times with over 1100 yuan of consumption per capita.

The scenic spots launched new activities to attract tourists. Jinshitan Group promoted preferential annual card and thus improved the participation of tourists. 130,000 tourists contributed to the ticket revenue of 4.2 million yuan during the three days. The Discovery Land attracted more than 40, 000 tourists by virtue of cool performance, gaining the ticket revenue of 3.36 million yuan.

The various spring outing travel products like rural tourism, mountain climbing, hiking and flowers admiring satisfied the need of tourists. Ziyun Huaxi Scenic Spot and Donggou Holiday Resort introduced the feature experience, thus receiving over 10 thousand tourists and gaining more than 0.3 million yuan of ticket revenue. Besides, Xiaoheishan, Silengshan, Hongxinghai Mountain Park and other scenic spots also attracted over 20 thousand tourists. 24,700 tourists chose hot spring experience, contributing 1.47 million yuan of ticket revenue.

Moreover, DIY travel becomes the mainstream among citizens. The tourists are indulged in pleasures like strawberry picking and pleasure ground. The district received 28,700 tourists for rural picking and leisure experience activities, gaining nearly 720,000 yuan of ticket revenue.