Jiahao Agriculture Company realize double recreation in winter by combining hot spring with strawberry

In recent years, skiing, hot spring and strawberry picking have enjoyed increasing popularity in winter with hot spring and strawberry picking becoming the pillar industries. This year, Dalian Jiaqhao Agriculture invested more than 6 million yuan in the two recreational activities.



Jiahao Agriculture constructed the outdoor hot spring all according to a Japanese household. S Three hot springs are small but delicate and can hold small tourism groups with about 30 tourists, enabling the tourists to relax to the maximum.



This year, Dalian Jiahao Agriculture successively invested more than 6 million in outdoor hot spring, catering halls and guest rooms as well with the daily reception capacity up to over 1000 tourists. In addition, the newly added parent-child campaigns and sight-seeing areas also can satisfy the entertainment needs of children.



Jiahao Agriculture is one of the first ecological parks in the new district that develop strawberry picking in greenhouses totaling 100 mu with the species mainly introduced from Japan. This year, the combination of hot spring and strawberry picking is quite popular among tourists, realizing double recreation in winter.