Tropical fruit picking becomes a highlight for winter tourism in Zhuanghe

With the arrival of the winter, it is hard to see fresh fruit outside, and the tropical fruit picking in Xinyue ecological park in Dazheng Town becomes a highlight for winter tourism in Zhuanghe.


It was known that Xinyue ecological park began to plant tropical fruit since 2014 and over 20 tropical fruits such as dragon fruit, papaya, pineapple, mango and banana have been introduced successfully. Now, the red heart dragon fruit cultivation area makes tourists appreciate the exotic scenery and delicious natural dragon fruit. “Such cold days are not suitable for outside activities, so I take my child to experience fun in tropical fruit picking” said Mrs. Zhang on December 21. The introduction of new tropical fruit not only drives the town's tourism economic development, but also creates an opportunity for farmers to have a part-time job in winter.