Lushun urban area launches “festival lighting” project

In order to welcome New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, Lushunkou District Garden Management Office implements 2017“festival lighting” project.



At Youyi Park, Lushunkou District, gardeners spare no efforts in installing festive lights. Compared with last year, the “festival lighting” project this year covers wider area and was earlier launched. With the theme of “happy, peaceful, warm, Chinese Zodiac, energy saving and environmental protection”, the project installs various modeling lamps at Lushun Central Square, Youyi Park and Boyang Park, various street lamps at Huanghe Road, Changjiang Road, Xincheng Street and so on, LED spot lights at Longhe East, Changjiang Road and other places. Currently, garden staff have been sparing no efforts in installing and debugging in spite of cold winter. The project is expected to be completed at New Year’s Day, 2017. The lighting project makes Lushun more colorful and festive and citizens will enjoy a magnificent lighting landscape by then.