“BBQ Days” sparks the island tour-- observation on Dalian tourism market in summer holiday


A post saying that “BBQ Days everywhere except Dalian islands…”went viral in early August in that it stroked a chord with Dalian citizens and tourists in Dalian.  “BBQ Days” not only sparked the island tour but also changed the usual routes in tourism market. The development trend of some routes is out of the expectation of the industry insiders.



Suburbs: “BBQ Days” made the island tour overcrowded



According to a worker of travel agency, island tour has become heated suddenly since Aug. Many islands such as Changhai Island used to be full of tourists only at weekends, but now under the influence of “BBQ Days”, Many islands are fully occupied in weekdays.



In addition to the island tour, drift is also unusually hot. A marketing director of Zhuanghe Tianmenxia posted an urgent message online to remind tourists to reserve a ticket.



A head of travel agency said that with the increasing number of tourists interested in drift, tourists for drift projects in Zhuanghe and Dandong reach the capacity on weekends and the projects have to limit the passenger flow.



Tour around: grassland tour is on the rise



Miss Xiao responsible for grassland tour said that dryness in the grassland affects the tour volume, but with the coming of BBQ Days”, vast grasslands become the best destination for summer. Miss Xiao said their grassland tour is exploring something new. In the past, the grassland destinations of Dalian tourist agencies are Hulunbeier and Daqinggou and so on. This year, they began to expand the market in Gonggeer and Wulagai, which are famous for flowers and wolf totem respectively.



Some minor long-way routes suddenly became popular



In summer, Beijing, places in east China, and especially Shanghai Disneyland become extremely hot due to BBQ Days” in Dalian. Besides, some minor tour routes such as Liupanshui in Guizhou Province attracted more people as a beautiful and cool summer getaway to get away from the crowd.



As for the outbound tourism, regular tour routes such as Thailand, Japan and South Korea are still very popular. A person in charge of the outbound tourism said that under the influence of the marriage of Lin Xinru, a famous Chinese actress, tourists to foreign islands such as Phuket, Russia and Maldives, especially to Bali Island rapidly increased.