The third day of National Day holiday witnessed the ongoing popularity of self-driving traveling and country hot spring tour

It’s known yesterday from Municipal Tourism Bureau that Dalian received 450.5 thousand person-time tourists on the third day of the National Day holiday, with a year-on-year increase of 9.1%. The number of tourists in main scenic spots reached 551.3 thousand, increasing by 8.5% year on year with the ticket income of 23145.9 thousand yuan and the room occupancy rate of 87.1%.



The various activities become the highlight of the holiday. Tiger Beach Ocean Park increased four entertaining items including VR time-machine travel, which attracted many tourists overseas. Dalian Sun-Asia Ocean World held the “7 happy days” to feast citizens’ eyes with mysterious ocean. Jinpu New District, Pulandian District, Lushunkou District and Zhuanghe City organized activities in various forms like travelling in Jinhu Mountain, fruit picking in Beima Mountain villa, hot spring, maple appreciating, “Red Leaf Festival in Yinshitan” and visiting film and television bases.



The self-driving travelling remains popular. The temporary parking area was transformed into a parking lot because the main roads to the scenic spot and parking lots were filled with private cars. Yesterday, the number of private cars for travelling entering Dalian reached 70000.



Such main scenic spots as Jinshitan National Tourist Resort, Tiger Beach Ocean Park and Dalian Forest Zoo received 59 thousand, 14.3 thousand, 20 thousand person-time tourists respectively in an orderly way.



The country hot spring tour enjoys growing popularity. Xiangzhou Garden City in Wafangdian, Chengyuan Hot Spring Villa in Ganjingzi District, Dongquan Holiday Inn in Jinpu New District received 17.6 thousand, 5.2 thousand and 4.1 thousand person-time tourists respectively.