The clean bathing beach receives tourists’ compliment during National Day holiday

It’s known yesterday that an inspection team made up of relevant departments like Municipal Tourism Bureau conducted a joint inspection on the environment of the bathing beach in Dalian during the National Day holiday, so as to create a clean environment for tourists from both home and abroad.



In order to implement the work conference deployment of Municipal government, each bathing beach and relevant departments strengthened efforts in rectifying the problems to raise the service quality in an all-round way. Shahekou District held a special meeting for relevant units and departments to deploy the rectification work, requiring each department to resolve the problems found in bathing beach and assign special staff to keep daily watch. Heishijiao Street organized a face-to-face talk with beach tenants, requiring them to enhance management and raise the awareness of services. Moreover, law enforcement officers were assigned to enhance regular inspection to outlaw unauthorized construction and enhance publicity to guide tourists to consciously protect environment.



During the holiday, the inspection team successively carried out inspection on such main bathing beaches as Bangchui Island, Shicao, Fujiazhuang and so on. On the site, it’s seen that each bathing beach has conducted rectification and intensified management, thus making clean and tidy beaches and receiving compliments of tourists from home and abroad. The team also conducted on-site inspection on the prominent problems like swimming safety, beach barbecue and beach environment, put forward the rectification opinions on such phenomenon with safety hazards as unlicensed rescuer, no warning signs at dangerous areas and so on and gave comprehensive evaluation on each inspected bathing beach.



During the National Day holiday, Baichui Island Bathing Beach takes on a fresh new look after the rectification and renovation. The clean and tidy beach is equipped with special-purpose parking lots and standardized signs. Many tourists take photos and splash about in the water with laughter everywhere. A tourist from Heilongjiang Province said, “my son couldn’t help swimming in the sea in spite of the cold weather when he saw this beautiful scene of the clean water and tidy beach.”