Various scenic spots in Dalian welcome tourists during National Day Holiday

With the approach of National Day, Dalian citizens make their own travel plans for their holiday. Thus, a few scenic spots with new highlights are recommended as follows.


ZhuangheTianmen Mountain: Beautiful red maple leaf

The Third International Maple Leaf Festival in Zhuanghe City, China, will be launched on September 30 in deep autumn.

Tourists can appreciate more than 10 types of maple leaf in various colors and shapes, which is a rare opportunity to enjoy the maple leaf.

Besides, tourists can walk on the stone in the clean water with barefoot in the on-water forest, which was newly-built in Tianmen Mountain Scenic Spot.



Yinggeshi Botanical Garden: Gorgeous flowers everywhere

During the National Day Holiday, the Chrysanthemum Flower Exhibition in Yinggeshi Botanical Garden was enchanting.

A hundred types of outdoor flowers were elaborately selected and millions of seedlings of chrysanthemum flowers took on a grand scene, accompanied by pine trees and other flowers.

Also, people can enjoy the wonderful views when waking on the road to Chrysanthemum Flower Exhibition.



Discovery-land: Family reality show

Discovery-land will restart the night show and promote a “large-scale family reality show”.

The programs will include such interactive games as “marching forward” and “the great harvest” and 4D film Light of the Ocean, taking tourists across the ocean to experience the adventure in deep sea.



Lushun: Various travel activities with features

During the National Day Holiday, Lushun Tourism Group will promote featured tourism activities, including wonderful music to explore the mysterious musical world centuries ago, historical museum, film base, climbing Baiyushan and butterfly admiration.



Golden Pebble Beach: Full of highlights

The wax work museum will be open again for parents and their kids. Children can finish an artificial work by themselves and thus their manual dexterity will be improved.

Besides, the Life Mystery Museum adds another family member, namely, world’s first sample of a pregnant shark. People will learn the mystery of a shark giving birth.



Sun-Asia Ocean World: All the star animals show up

The submarine channel in Dalian Sun-Asia Ocean World brought in some new fishes including yellow Lutjanuskasmira and silver milkfish. Besides, tourists can see the real penguin eggs at South Polar Penguin Island. The first artificial breeding twin harbor seals born last year will meet the tourist at Arctic Animal Village. Other star animals like whales, dolphins, walrus and sea lions are active and cannot wait to bring happiness to tourists.