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Zhuanghe City recruits a hundred undergraduate volunteers to serve the China International Beer Festival

On July 10, the recruitment of undergraduate volunteers for the 18th China International Beer Festival was held at Dalian Sanlin Group in Zhuanghe City. More than 70 undergraduates all over the country attended the interview, with Deputy Mayor of Zhuanghe City Lu Jianyuan and responsible persons of relevant departments as the interviewers.

It’s said that Zhuanghe City will recruit 100 undergraduate volunteers for the Festival of this year. Up to now, over 300 undergraduates have signed up for the recruitment via internet, telephone and other ways. Relevant departments will organize two interviews and the next interview will be held in the middle of this month. The current interview aims at evaluating the interviewees in their understanding of the Zhuanghe Beer Caravan for the Festival and their abilities of language expression, organization and coordination and emergency treatment. During the interview, the interviewers found that many of the interviewees have participated in the Festival held last year with rich volunteer experience, thus laying a solid foundation for the Festival of this year.

Moreover, Zhuanghe Beer Caravan has successively attended 3 beer festivals until now, recruiting over 140 undergraduate volunteers in total. Those undergraduate volunteers who have been selected and trained lived up to people’s expectation and made great efforts in creating a favorable viewing and dining environment for Zhuanghe citizens and tourists, thus showing the  ecological beauty of Zhuanghe City.