The 18th China International Beer Festival Exhibition will be opened grandly on July 21

The 18th China International Beer Festival Exhibition will be held from July 21 to August on Xinghai Square, which will last for 12 days. On the basis of maintaining content and forms of past beer festivals, the beer festival this year has improved a lot. Currently, each beer manufacturer is constructing the tent and has been well prepared for the exhibition.



China International Beer Festival, as the only domestic state-level beer festival, has been successfully held for 17 years. Every July, large beer enterprises both from home and abroad will bring over 400 beer brands to the exhibition, which will attract more than 1 million citizens to take an active part in the festival and realize nearly 100 million comprehensive economic returns. Over the past few years, under the guidance of the municipal Party committee and government, the beer festival has been increasingly popular. Not only has the beer festival provided domestic and overseas beer enterprises with a platform of cooperation and exchanges, but also has become a municipal brand campaign with the highest involvement of the vast citizens. In addition, the beer festival has promoted such industries as city travel, commercial shopping, hotels and transportation and brought great economic and social effects to the city development.



To successfully hold this year’s beer festival, relevant departments have started planning since last year and discussed with each social section to form the overall scheme. With the approval of the municipal government, one organizational institution is established to implement specific work. The beer festival will be hosted by China International Exchange Center of Light Industry, China Food Industry Company and Dalian Xinghaiwan Development and Management Center and co-sponsored by Dalian Tourism Association, Dalian Xinghaiwan Property Management Company and other relevant departments.



The annual beer festival will draw curtains next Friday. With the joint efforts of the sponsoring units and each member unit, the overall preparation work has been in place. In terms of the on-site service and safety management, a monitoring center is set up for the first time this year and the whole exhibition site will be in comprehensive supervision during the festival. The opening ceremony will be held in the center of the square with a solemn and simple form. The selection of Charm Beer Star will expand the influence and enrich the content of the campaign.



The festival site is planned to comprise four exhibition sections: beer-drinking carnival section; beer park leisure section; special food section; enterprise product display section.  


1. Beer Drinking Carnival Section

This section is located round the central stage, occupying more than 40 thousand square meters. All the beer manufacturers will display their products in the form of tents with neat appearance and various styles. About 30 beer enterprises from home, foreign countries such as Germany, Holland, Russia, Australia and other regions will bring over 400 beer brands to the exhibition, including Snowflake, Tsingtao and other famous beer brands.


2. Beer Park Leisure Section

This section is located in the central area, occupying more than 10 thousand square meters to display four beer parks: Australian Imperial Crown, German Florence Castle, Finely Brewed Beer Park; Yunnan Special Beer Park. Compared with the Beer Drinking Carnival Section, the beer parks that maintain the open-air style are more quiet and comfortable.  


3. Special Fine Food Section:

This section is located in the central area, occupying about 10 thousand square meters. 50 catering enterprises bring hundreds of special snacks with united layout and characteristic decoration. Meanwhile, each beer tent will display traditional snacks in designated parts.


4. Enterprise Product Display Section

This section is mainly located in Part C and Part D, occupying more than 50 thousand square meters with a focus on tourism, media and food. Lushunkou District will join in the exhibition for the first time to comprehensively display the local features of Lushunkou District. Zhuanghe municipal government will carry characteristic products to the exhibition to display its cultural foundation in an all-round way. Meanwhile, this section will display over 100 characteristic tourism products to enrich the cultural content of tourism.



With the theme of “Enthusiastic Beer Festival and Romantic Dalian”, the beer festival this year will set up 10 theme sections for which preparation work is underway and the arrangements are as follows:


Opening Ceremony:

At 19:30, July 21, the opening ceremony expected to last for about 20 minutes will be held in the center of the square. Yu Yang and Zhang Hong from Dalian TV Station will chair the opening ceremony with the programs directed by professional teams. The rehearsal will be conducted one day earlier.


The schedule is as follows:

  1)The opening performance will last about 5 minutes

  2)The MC will declare the opening ceremony open and introduce the beer festival as well as the guests present at the opening ceremony.

  3)The third step is to raise the flag and play the song of the beer festival.

  4)The MC will invite the guests to jointly knock the beer bucket and cut the ribbon.

  5)The opening ceremony concludes.


Cultural Exhibition of Beer Industry

The tent for the cultural exhibition of beer industry is put up in the central area to introduce the development history and culture of the world beer through beer brands, manufacturing craft, labels and beer utensils.  


Cruise Campaign

The cruise campaign is composed of float cruise and square cruise.

The float cruise will last from July 16 to July 22. Over 10 floats of various styles will start from Xinghai Square at 14:00 and perform along the main streets in the urban areas to spread the festive atmosphere in advance.  



The square cruise is scheduled to start from Xinghai Square at 10:30. The cruise team is composed of over 70 squads, such as beer manufacturers and social organizations, totaling about 3000 people. The cruise will interpret the enthusiasm and characteristics of the beer festival though the unique beer culture and folk performance.


Photography Competition

The photography competition lasts from May to August and all the shooting enthusiasts can take part in it. The photography works will be on show through such network platforms as Blog and Wechat to draw more attention to the beer festival. During the beer festival, professional photographers will be invited to take photos on site in an artistic and entertaining manner to show the grandeur of the beer festival in an all-round way.


Drinking Competition

The drinking competition lasts from June to August. The preliminary competition sites are set respectively in several communities in urban areas, Development Zone, High-tech Zone and Jinpu New Zone and the final competition will be held in the central stage of the exhibition in various forms so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of the citizens and tourists.


Creative Works Competition

This competition lasts for two months and collects works by professional teams. Finally, the works “Dragon Boat Competition” by Tiange, a teacher majoring in sculpture from Dalian Art College has won the award “Best Design”. The whole work is made from beer bottles with grand appearance, strong artistic sense and high safety. In addition, the works is accessible to the tourists and thus forms a unique scene at the exhibition, which can not only satisfy the tourists’ needs for artistic enjoyment but also highlight the concept of green environmental protection and civilized fashion of the beer festival.


Selection of Charm Beer Star

The selection started from May and was open to applicants across China. Nearly 200 applicants signed in for the selection, among whom 22 female and male applicants were selected to join in the final competition on July 2. At last, 10 applicants were awarded the title of “Charm Beer Star”. The selection combines talent show and beer knowledge and has selected the top male and female new stars to participate in various activities at the exhibition. This selection is very influential and shows the unique charm and romance of the beer festival.


Self-brewing Experience

During the beer festival, beer-brewing experts will be invited to the self-brewing experience section to popularize the process and operation of beer brewing and allow the on-site tourists to experience the beer-brewing process and taste the beer.


Selection of the Best Beer Manufacturer

To better mobilize the enthusiasm of the beer manufacturers, such awards as “the most attractive beer tent”, “the beer tent with the best atmosphere”, “the beer tent with the best environment”, “the beer tent with the best performance” and “the beer tent with the best service” will be voted out through online voting, questionnaires and selection by judges and be conferred on beer manufacturers.


Lucky Draw

To attract more tourists and citizens to participate in the beer festival and promote the attractiveness of the beer festival, the lucky draw activity will be carried out through mobile phones, which enjoys great popularity among vast citizens and tourists.