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2016 Dalian International Cherry Festival draws curtains and ecological blueberry picking starts

On July 7, the closing ceremony of 2016 Dalian International Cherry Festival drew curtains and the launching ceremony of ecological blueberry picking starts in Jinpu New Zone. Present at the ceremony were deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Tourism and the head of Bureau of Commerce of Jinpu New Zone.

Lasting for a month, the Dalian International Cherry Festival demonstrated unique tourism resources and cooperative environment for investment, tourist and service, effectively promoted interaction between urban and rural areas, led farmers to get rich, created a romantic and colorful city image for Dalian and provided a cooperative and win-win investment platform for domestic and overseas tourists.

Fruitful results of the Cherry Festival
It is the 10th Cherry Festival, which has achieved fruitful results. After the mechanism reform, Jinpu New Zone integrates Ershilipu, Sanshilipu, Shihe, Fuzhouwan and Paotai now. There are 56.1 thousand mu of picking area among 80.6 thousand mu of planted area, with 40.9 thousand tons of cherries harvested. 1821200 people from both China and the world created 2.126 billion yuan of tourism consumption, an increase of 11.26%. 

Various campaigns
As the main venue of the festival, the new Zone launched various campaigns such as "2016 Dalian International Cherry Festival Press Conference ", “The Press Meeting of the Government Media and Local Media”, “The Journey to N39° Big Cherry Picking”, “Culinary Challenge of Standard Jinzhou Cuisine”, “The Opening Ceremony of 2016 Dalian International Cherry Festival” and so on, which made the guests indulge in the romance and vigor of Dalian.

On June 7, the opening ceremony of 2016 Dalian international cherry festival, showing the world the vigor and vitality of the national new zone, was broadcast live on TV of Dalian, Shenyang, Changchun and Harbin, thus spreading the popularity and influence of “the hometown of China’s big cherry”.

On May 30, the 2016 Dalian International Cherry Festival press conference was held with 80 thousand mu of planted area, 143 picking gardens, 8 campaigns and 8 self-driving routes introduced.

On June 28, Dalian first  overseas Chinese entrepreneurs summit was set up, attracting over 300 well-known businessmen living abroad, leaders of foreign businessmen in Dalian and representatives of foreign businessmen from countries along the “One Belt and One Road” to share ideas and seek cooperation in fields like aircraft manufacturing, financial investment, biological medicine, cloud computing and so on.

From June 16 to July 7, 10 most influential artists in modern China were invited to the painting and calligraphy exhibition to show the rich culture of China’s calligraphy and offer a visual feast to citizens.

On July 2, the election result of “Fine Big Cherry-Picking Gardens” was announced. 20 of the 50 short-listed cherry picking gardens were selected as the “Fine Big Cherry-Picking Gardens” through both online voting and expert assessment on scale, transportation, facilities, packaging and integrity.

On July 7, as Cherry Festival came to a successful end, the Blueberry Festival followed and would last to the end of Aug, which makes the picking seasons successive.

Excellent service

Every department took effective measures to provide considerate and good service. For example, Urban Administrative Bureau not only increased efforts in environmental renovation but also finished timely the task of rush transport; the Public Security Bureau made many preliminary programs to ensure the smooth going of the opening ceremony; Social Security Administration allocated ambulance, emergency medicine, first aid equipment and medical personnel to ensure no occurrence of accidents.

2016 Dalian International Cherry Festival provided good service, launched widespread publicity, organized various campaigns and achieved remarkable results. And it is expected that the 2017 Dalian International Cherry Festival will be of high quality and more characteristic to make the market bigger and farmers richer.

At the closing ceremony, prizes like “2016 Fine Cherry-Picking Garden ” and “2016 Golden Medal for Culinary Challenge of  standard Jinzhou Cuisine” elected during the during the festival were announced.