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Photos collection activity on “my romantic summer date in Changhai”

As one of the eight archipelagos in China and the only island county in northern China, Changhai County is located among Dalian Changshan islands. With the coming of the romantic summer, Changhai County becomes once again the popular summer resort for tourists. Since June 24, the new media of Dalian Evening News and Changhai Bureau of Tourism have made joint efforts in launching the photos collection activity on “my romantic summer date in Changhai”. In the activity, people can send their romantic stories and photos with Changhai to the official micro-blog of Dalian Evening News and get awards if their works are adopted.

Located at the northern part of the Yellow Sea in East of Liaodong Peninsula, Changhai County consists of 252 reefs with its back against the northeast hinterland, southwest opposite to Shandong Peninsula and east facing Korean Peninsula. Changhai County boasts a land area of 142 square kilometers, a sea area of 10324 square kilometers and a 359 km-long coastal line, with 18 inhabited islands and 0.1 million resident population. Head of Changhai Tourism Bureau Yu Jingxu introduced that Changhai County was an important fishery base in our country,as well as a national-level island forest park and a provincial-level tourism resort.

Changshan Islands is sited in humid monsoon climate zone featured with cool summer and warm winter. Fresh air, no haze and 20000 per cubic centimeter negative ion oxygen content have made it known as “Natural Oxygen Bar”, summer resort, and township for longevity and health care.

Sight-seeing: beautiful reefs all over the archipelago
Changshan archipelago boasts a fascinating geological landscape. Over 100 natural reefs such as beauty reef and eagle stone were carved in this oldest land. Moreover, the amazing marine-abrasion and sea sediments landforms such as magic asteroid belt,odd reef, haven and sandy beach which came from outer space twenty thousand years ago can also be found here.

Located at 39 degrees north latitude, Changshan archipelago is the level-one national non-polluted sea area and has a reputation for “blue archipelago” by virtue of its clear seawater with the visibility of over 10 meters. Inside the island, green trees are planted everywhere with the forest coverage of over 50%, thus winning the reputation of national forest park. Hundreds of clean white bays make here a natural bathing beach and its quality and quantity rank the top in northeastern region.

Delicious food: fresh seafood
Yellow Sea warm current,Taiwan warm current and northern cold current converge together, which makes Changshan archipelago a reproduction habitat for over 400 species of marine life such as fish and shellfish algae and famous as modern “marine ranch” and “natural fish warehouse”. Nearly 100 species of commercial fish and a dozen species of economic shellfish grow here, especially the world-known gourmet seafood like sea cucumber, abalone, sea urchin and scallop. Tourists can glut themselves with delicacy natural seafood.

The unique sea water temperature and salinity in Changhai have nourished incomparable seafood in different seasons such as shrimp, alpheidae,catfish and silver smelt in spring; sea urchin and conch in summer; shrimp, jellyfish and eel in autumn; oyster, abalone and algae in winter.

Long-standing Culture: hunting, fishing, farming and weaving
Guanglu Island Xiaozhushan Sites won the reputation of national cultural heritage because of its long history. In New Stone Age 7000 years ago, the ancestors in the island lived here and conducted hunting, fishing, farming and weaving. The inclusive and pioneering marine culture makes the inhabitants straightforward, brave and wise and carry forward their culture generation after generation.

The island is full of a strong fishing atmosphere and hospitable residents. Every year, many folk festival activities like Fishing Festival and Mazu Culture Tourism Festival are well-known in Northeast Asia; the folk tales and myths witnessed the long-standing culture of the island; the Han nationality folk song Changdaohaozi, which was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage, stands for the spirit of island residents.

Housing and transportation: convenient three-dimensional traffic
Changshan archipelago is the only county without setting up traffic lights. The transportation means inside the island mainly include bus, taxi and bicycle. For external transportation, the cross-sea bridge connects Dachangshan Island and Xiaochangshan Island; the water transportation takes island residents around Dalian for more than 20 times every day; the only county-level civil airport is built inside the island and after its extension, international air travel routes will be put into operation. Besides, the Xiaochangshan Island Project, which was started on February 26, 2016 with an investment of nearly 0.1 billion yuan, is steadily advanced and it’s estimated to conduct trial operation in mid-July. So far, the work on project planning and preparation and land arrangement has been completed, and other supporting projects including tent hotel and wooden house villa are expected to be finished and be put into use in July.

Entertaining activities: fantastic underwater world
Tourists can not only enjoy the sea scenery by taking the leisure tourism fishing boat around Changshan archipelago, but also personally appreciate the rare seafood, amazing wild fish, sea plants and rocks.

Offshore angling: fishing on the sea
Changshan archipelago is one of China’s traditional three fishing grounds in China and named as China fishing base by Chinese Angling Association with 10-month fishing period. The fishing enthusiasts can take comfortable fishing boats to go fishing not only on the sea far away, but also on the reef of each island. The sightseeing boats are necessary for tourists to enjoy the beautiful mountain in Changshan archipelago and travel across many islands.