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Transient population, permanent care

To further strengthen and innovate on management and promote equalized service for floating population, Changhai in April, taking the opportunity of the “legal rights protection month for mobile population”, launched a series of publicity activities.

Shabao Community under Zhangzidao Town held the paper cutting training with the theme of “caring for transient population and creating happy families” and invited the paper cutting folk artist Cai Changyun to give a lecture so as to create a harmonious atmosphere for caring for the floating population. The Family Planning Association, Health Care Station and Security Personnel of Dalian Village carried out the door-to-door visits to serve the floating population. The staff members collected the information needed for living registration in the island, introduced regulations and laws on family planning, explained such knowledge as the prevention of influenza and high blood pressure and gave out over a hundred copies of publicity materials. During the activity, the Family Planning Association of Dalian Village made a heart to heart discussion with the migrants, wishing their happy and pleasant life there, promising to try their best to give the migrants help  they need and to create a happy, friendly and peaceful community for transient population. The Family Planning Association of West Zhangzi Community led over 30 young migrants to have an outing in spring.

Guanglu Township carried out various forms of publicity activities, and Liutiao Village visited two migrant families with financial difficulties and sent them 1000 yuan. The Family Planning Association of Tangwa Village on April 21 launched the activity of offering family planning advice and giving out publicity materials on family planning and free contraceptive tools in Zhangzi Yongsheng Company.

Haiyang Township helped the migrants with housework and   publicized family planning policy, reproductive health care, AIDS prevention, etc. while collecting, checking, updating and type-in information of floating population to increase people’s knowledge of family planning policy and policies.

Dachangshan Township and Xiaochangshan Township also carried out the activity of caring for the migrants and distributing publicity materials on health care for people in adolescence and newly-married period and on contraception, birth control etc.. Villages and communities thoroughly checked the marriage situation of migrants and provided on-site consultation in densely populated area, explaining procedures of relevant affairs and telling the migrant women at child-bearing age that there will be two free type-B ultrasonic examinations in the community.

The Maternity and Child Care Center of Changhai County invested 50 thousand yuan in providing over 300 migrant women at child-bearing age with reproductive health examination.

1500 pieces of publicity materials and 1300 contraception tools have been distributed in the “publicity month for migrant population”, which won praise from the migrants.

All of those activities make the migrants accessible to the same treatment as the local people, thus providing guarantees for creating harmonious and healthy families.