The 5th Dalian Trepang Festival is opened in Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center on Dec. 10

It is known from the organizing committee of Dalian Trepang Festival on December 5 that the 5th Dalian Trepang Festival will be opened Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center from December 10 to 14, which is the largest-scale sea cucumber exhibition and nearly a hundred companies have promised to participate in the exhibition.


The festival, which is organized by Dalian Ocean and Fishery Bureau and Dalian Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and co-organized by Dalian Chaoyue International Exhibition Co., Ltd., aims to expand Dalian seafood markets, enhance brand image, spread Dalian culture and promote sustainable and healthy development of seafood industry.



Since January 2013, Dalian has organized 4 trepang festivals and attracted 300,000 person-times. The 5th Dalian Trepang Festival featuring with Dalian seafood brands and natural breeding base for sea cucumber will attract agents and purchasers to come to Dalian for trade negotiations.


The organizing committee told reports that the qualification of enterprises would be strictly inspected and the enterprises that had been reported with bad records in sea cucumber producing, processing and marketing would be prohibited from participating. Besides, the committee will also invite quality inspection departments to conduct on-site spot checking.