The “Colorful Leaves Festival” of Taiyanggou invigorates Lushun

The autumn is invigorating, with leaves dancing, woods tinged, and land golden. Since the opening of the second “Colorful Leaves Festival” of Taiyanggou in Lushun, various wonderful activities are popular among the tourists and photography enthusiasts, which has attracted a large number of nonlocal tourists to come here. Such activities as the first special goods exhibition of Lushun and the four seasons’ photography sketching contest, scenery sketching contest and the designing contest of Taiyanggou creative LOGO with the theme of “the most beautiful Lushunkou, intoxicating Taiyanggou” were held at the same time.



Various activities were carried out during the colorful festival: such as golden wedding celebrations, which invited 15 loving couples who have shared life together for half a century to walk on the golden road, to take wedding photos and to share their love speech; charming models from oriental silver age art troupe showed catwalks on the T station; cool hip-hop performance demonstrated their splendid youth; movement of aerobics dancing all exhibited young people’s vitality; hot yangko performance displayed the festival joy; mysterious treasure hunting game brought much fun to children and the volunteer service team of Guangrong Street added colors to the festival by carrying out historical picture publicity.  



It’s said that the best season to appreciate colorful leaves is from Frost’s Descent to Snow, and this year’s “Colorful Leaves Festival” will last to the end of the month. Next week, cycling race and performance of students from 6 local colleges will continue to boost the “Colorful Leaves Festival”.