The Second Dahei Mountain Traditional Culture Week of the Tang dynasty palace starts

On the morning of September 30th, the Second Dalian Traditional Culture Week of the Tang Dynasty Palace and the Bingshen Pilgrim Worship Ceremony of Chinese Lee Clan was kicked off on Tang Dynasty Palace at Dahei Mountain.



During the activity, representatives of Chinese Lee clan from different provinces and cities, well-known scholars from domestic cultural circles, philanthropists and political and business representatives came to Dahei Mountain to attend the opening ceremony of cultural week, pilgrim worship ceremony, traditional culture exchange and Taoist culture demonstration and other activities.


The host party intends to demonstrate the scenic spots of Dahei Mountain and the achievement of the Tang Palace Monastery on cultural development, religious management, charity, culture and business and explore the opportunity and approach to promote the development of Dahei Mountain scenic spots and Tang Dynasty Palace in a better way and to make contributions to the cultural construction and development in Jinpu New District.