2017 Dalian Strawberry Culture and Tourism Festival

The strawberry cultivation in Dalian has exceeded 1 million mu with 2000 mu in Jinpu New Zone and the average yield of per mu is up to 2000 kg. There are more than 30 species including Chinese Zangxiang, Jingtaoxiang and Xingxiang and Hongyan from Japan. Jingtaoxiang from Dalian Xiangze Agricultural Ecological Park wins “The Great Wall Cup”prize, and “Honhyan”and “Pink Lady” from Dalian Huisheng Attracting Biology Park and Dalian Gubaiyang Biology Park win gold medals.



Jinpu New Zone explored many new ways such as developing strawberry picking strategy, printing strawberry festival guide, launching strawberry picking express etc., promoted strawberry picking to develop and popularize the related industries of strawberry through radio and television, online media, WeChat, microblog, newspapers and magazines so as to create a new suburban spot. Dalian Strawberry Festival in 2016 lasted for 5 month and attracted 5.66 million public visitors from 20 provinces and autonomous regions, America, Japan and Italy, driving 6.51 billion yuan of tourism consumption.



9 large strawberry bases and 25 picking gardens

Jinpu New Zone gave fiscal subsidies and support for fruit quality supervision to the 9 large strawberry bases and 25 picking gardens so as to speed up the construction of strawberry bases, introduce new species and ensure the quality and safety of strawberries. The base fertilizers for strawberry cultivation are high-quality farm manure, bean cake fertilizer and marine fertilizer and the pest prevention combines biological and physical control and avoids coloring agents, sweeteners, swelling agents and ripening agents. All the strawberry bases are installed with quality inspection station to monitor the whole process of strawberry production.



Dalian strawberry festival

From January to May is the best season for fresh strawberry picking. 2017 Dalian Strawberry Culture and Tourism Festival is scheduled from January 13 to May 31. Focusing on citizens, experience, consumption and internationality, Dalian Strawberry Festival combined strawberry industry and rural tourism and drove consumption hot spots in Dalian. Under the government guidance, the five-month strawberry season launches 8 activities:the opening ceremony of Dalian Strawberry Culture and Tourism Festival and Leisure Agricultural Products Expo(January 13), Spring Festival welcoming gala (January 13), Dalian strawberry picking trip (January to May), carnival experiencing (January 13 to February 28),  National Geopark Cultural Expo trip, Spring Festival Food Festival( January 13 to January 21), Daheishan Guanyin Temple(from lunar March 15 to 17), and Dalian Strawberry Culture and Tourism Festival.



Self-driving strawberry picking

Dalian Strawberry Festival is not only an agricultural festival but also  a tourism and leisure experience. During the strawberry festival, Jinpu New Zone launched six tour routes after integrating coastal tourism resort, mountain culture and urban leisure agriculture.