Wise Marketing in Changhai County Reached a travel climax during Dragon Boat Festival Holiday


During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, nice weather, clean water and blue sky helped to keep a steady order in travel. The major indexes hit another new highs. The aim of being"civilized, orderly and safe" was achieved generally. Both of the scale and income of travel increased year on year. This year, there were 12229 visitors traveling on the island during Dragon Boat Festival holiday, including 9600 entering from Port. Consolidated income within 3 days was 11.74 million yuan, respectively, increased by15% and 23% year on year.


To make a comprehensive survey of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, there are a few features compared with that of former years.


First, it is obvious that wise method of tourism marketing is effective. Since this year, the county Tourism Bureau has actively explored the wise method of tourism marketing and communicated for many times with famous tourism integrated e-commerce platform like Tujia.com and Ctrip.com, etc. Before Dragon Boat Festival, Ctrip.com reached a formal cooperation agreement with our county, with whom 108 hotels and Fisher Man's Pleasure signed a cooperation agreement, including 72 fisherman's hotels and 36 Hotels & Resorts that were all on line. It was a pivotal step for our county to carry out wise tourism marketing. At the same time, Tourist Administration continued to work on Internet Media like Changhai travel sites, the official WeChat platform, Micro site, etc, leading a rapid increase of click rate and attention on website . With continuous creation of wise tourism marketing, it was much convenient for people to travel. The number of self-drive travel increased a lot and this kind of tour gave a chance to our tourist market. The form of individual travelers and party of family and friends was hot with many returned customers. The number of northeast tourists continued to increase on the basis of previous years. After several years’ development, the markets around Dalian became increased obviously. According to preliminary statistics, there were 1/5 tourists visiting Changhai by the Internet media such as the official WeChat platform, Micro site, Ctrip.com, etc, which became the highlight of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.


Second, eco-tours and fishing trips are enjoyed by tourists. With fresh air, clean water and blue sky, our good ecological environment appealed to many leisure tourists who enjoyed the view of the sea, which made eco-tours hot and gave a chance to our tourism market. The fisherman's special tourism with the theme of lovers, family and relaxation were attractive to the tourists. Since this year, our county increased fishing tourism specification rectification. Fishing tourism hardware facilities, service level and the surrounding environment all have been greatly improved. Further with the wise tourism marketing, most tourists chose fisherman’s family to live and experience the culture. High-level Fisher Man's Pleasure was deeply loved and earned an easy market, such as Mei Xiang fishing family, Berthing Golden Bay Resort, Lisa international , Zhangzidao fishing joy hotel, Qixingyue fishing hotel, Mountain and Island Resort, Haxiandao Resort, Guanglu rainbow Beach fishing and so on .


Third, the image and quality of bathing beach have improved significantly. It was determined that baths of Dachangshan Haxiandao, Xiaochangshan Jinshatan, Zhangzidao Jinsha, Guanglu Moon Bay and Sea Xidapo were demonstration baths which were reconstructed and improved. After half year’s effort, the bathing facilities were completed, functional layout in terms of areas were scientific and reasonable, and entertainment programs were full of variety within the county. During the holiday, Hong Tai on-water sports venue located in Gold Coast beach was officially put into use. There were a A2C on-water airplane, a 150 meter-long floating input pier, 4 fiber reinforced plastics yachts, 2 sailings and 3 motorboats brought in by the venue. Visitors enjoyed the program a lot. The highest record of on-water airplane was 26 times per day. Baths of Zhangzi Island created the activities of sea-fishing competition and family submarine sightseeing which attracted plenty of visitors. The image and quality of bathing beach gradually improved that appealed to plenty of visitors. Therefore, the degree of participation, satisfaction and consumption were obviously improved.


 Fourth, programs worked obviously well and the number of high-end consumers increased a lot. In recent years, our county brought in new programs such as on-water airplane, motor homes, luxury villas, high-end fisherman’s family and electric car rentals, which attracted many high-end visitors and travel agents coming. The occupancy rate of luxury reception was greatly improved like motor homes of CTS corporation, luxury villas, Hydron hotel in Guanglu and Lin Yang international hotel in Dachangshan.


Fifth, strengthen strict management of the tourism security and maintain the market order. In order to strengthen the security wok of tourism, County Tourism Bureau issued notice about organizing special inspection of tourism security and did security inspection for many times within the whole county coordinating relevant departments, which involving spot check on tourist enterprises and wade projects such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, fishing hotels, scenic spots, fishing boats, dive clubs, travel agencies, etc. This time, detailed inspection referred to prevention of wade security, safety tips service, safety of tourist traffic, prevention of food security and the security of restaurant and scenic spots. Those who had security issues would be punished to rectify in a limited time on the spot. It has offered the guarantee of creating a comfortable and safe environment for our tourists.