The farmers of Longwangtang celebrate Sea Light Festival

The lunar January 13 witnesses the birth of Goddess Poseidon. For 6000 farmers along the coastal area at Longwangtang Street, High-tech Zone, it’s also a festival worth celebrating just like Spring Festival, a typical tradition of which is lighting the ship-shaped sea lights with fishery characteristics and new year wishes. At the night of Feb.9, farmers cast their hand-made sea lights, hoping for a safe and happy new year.



It’s said that Sea Light Festival was hailed as the “living fossil” of mazu culture and marine culture in China northern region by folklore experts, showing the reverence of farmers to the ocean and nature. In recent years, Longwangtang Street actively has promoted the application of intangible cultural heritage for Sea Light Festival to carry forward the rural culture, expand the mass base sea light culture and inherit the traditional custom and culture. In 2011, Sea Light Festival was listed as the intangible cultural heritage protection project. In 2013, the Street invested more than 0.1 million yuan to establish the first batch of intangible cultural heritage base at Longwangtang Center Primary School, conducting the teaching and evaluation activity on handmade sea lights, so as to cultivate children’s sense of inheriting traditional culture.