Dalian International Garment & Textile Expo opens

The 2016 Dalian International Garment & Textile Expo (China) hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and Dalian municipal government starts in Dalian World Expo Center and Dalian Xinghai Convention Center.With 50,000-square-meter exhibition area, the Expo ending on 21st attracts more than 1,000 domestic and overseas exhibitors, among which overseas exhibitors account for 50%. There are 706 brands in total, an increase of 252 compared with  last year. The number of domestic and foreign visitors is expected to reach 7000.



The 2016 Dalian International Garment & Textile Expo with the theme of “mutual win · Dalian” serves as a platform for releasing the fashion trend, introducing international brands to China, creating a green channel for domestic brands to the Northeast and the world. During the Expo, Asian international fur exhibition, Chinese Clothing Fashion Buyers Contest and so on make their debuts. The Expo also takes the lead in the exhibition area andthe number of brands, exhibitors, famous buyers and purchasers.



Last night, the launching ceremony of Dalian 2016 Fashion Week in fall and the "Dalian Cup" International Youth Fashion Design Competition wereheld in Z28 fashion Silicon Valley. Dalian 2016 Fashion Week hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and Dalian municipal government aims to promote the coordinated development of local brands and designers with the model of fashion + trade + business + culture + tourism + industry and so on and to enhance the competitiveness and influence of Dalian garment industry in the international market.



Dalian Fashion Week in every spring and autumn was founded in 2011 and focuses on brands, the original designer, haute couture and personalized customization. The Fashion Week relying on fashion industry alliance of Dalian, Daegu and Osaka has become a fashion-releasing platform.



Concentrating on building local brands and enhancing designers’ influence, this Fashion Week held many campaigns such as lecture on fashion, designer salon, and fashion carnival and so on.



The "Dalian Cup" International Youth Fashion Design Competition is one of the professional tournaments with longest history and enjoys extensive influence and reputation. Ji Wenbo, WuXuekai, Wu Xuewei and Zeng Fengfei are well-known designers at home and abroad standing out from this competition.



The competition hosted by China Fashion Designers Association and Dalian municipal government is upgraded to the international level for the first time. Contestants divided into professional group and college group come from more than 10 countries and regions, thus greatly enhancing the international influence of "Dalian Cup" and creating a platform for recommending outstanding young Chinese fashion designers to the world.



35 players enter the final. In addition to the bonus ranging from 2,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan,winners will win awards such as access to venture studio for free and designer apartments with low cost. In the final, Li Yupeng from Dalian Polytechnic University won the gold award in thecollege group and Hu Mingfang from Zhejiang Industrial Co., Ltd. won the gold award in the professional group.