The 17th China International Beer Festival Expo started

Last night, Xinghai Bay witnessed festival carnival again. Nearly 200,000 citizens and tourists raised their glasses, and lighted passion in summer. At 19:30, with the opening of beer valve by LuLin, vice mayor, Yang Zhihai, honorary president of China Light Industry Federation, Oliver • Berwick, deputy mayor of Munich, Du Tonghe, vice president of China Light Industry Federation, Dong Xuezeng, deputy general manager of Beijing Yanjing Brewery Co., Ltd, the festival started.


With the fragment wine, warm and cheerful music, as well as the public and foreign tourists’ passion for participating made Xinghai Square suddenly become a boiling ocean. There went passionate performance, as well as cheers in more than 30 different styles of big beer tents. Oktoberfest Tent sounded the familiar melody "Raised Your Glass" again, rendering a carnival feast scene of nearly ten thousand people. Beer Garden Lounge expanded this year, and attracted many citizens and visitors liking being quiet. The harmonious integration of liveliness and quietness made a beautiful landscape.


Food court was full of over 500 regional specialties attracting people waiting in long lines before each booth. Delicious snacks of different flavors were also showed in each beer dealer’s tent. In enterprise products displaying area, tourist and food enterprises displayed and sold over a hundred kinds of characteristic products to tourists.


This Beer Festival Expo implements limited price management to highlight consideration for people. Organizing committee of this Beer Festival Expo adopt uniform pricing measures to require all participating traders to limit their food prices to predetermined ones, and carried out price publicity for the food on sale. To benefit more residents and tourists, the inside page of tickets is used as money-off-coupon.


The Beer Festival Expo has become one of the most popular urban festivals, and received the highest level of participation. A foreign tourist happily said, I did not expect such a lively Beer Festival in Dalian, which enables us to experience the charm of the romantic city.


During the 12-day expo, more than 30 beer groups participate in the exhibition bringing over 400 brands of beers. The Beer Festival themes on “being passionate for beer festival, enjoying romance in Dalian”. 10 theme activities including float and square parade, the beer industry cultural exhibition, home brew beer experience, photography contest, beer drinking contest, creative works selection contest, Miss beer contest, the best beer dealer selection, and ticket lottery are created, highlighting being international, cultural, branded, and participatory. The exhibition features four exhibition areas including beer drinking carnival area, beer garden and leisure area, specialties area and enterprise products displaying area.