A centralized inspection day for safety production was carried out in Lushunkou District


In order to assure the safe production and work during flood season, specialists are invited by Lushunkou District Safety Supervision Bureau to inspect and give guidance to Dalian Lushunkou District Jiangxi Chemical Industry Limited Company and Dalian Bio-chemical Share Limited Company.


A special way of inspection was employed to see whether the companies had prepared themselves sufficiently in management, getting rid of some hidden dangers and dispatch for emergencies in case of floods. The special way is called “four Nos and two Straightforwards”. Four Nos include no notice, no greetings, no reports and no accompany. Two Straightforwards means to go to the common worker and worksite straightforwardly.


While giving appreciations to the companies’ present work, the inspection group also gave some suggestions. First, emergency equipments should be better prepared and classified with cabinets and cases. Second, in case of emergencies, related personnel should also raise their efficiency to deal with broken liquid chlorine storage tanks. When it happens, tanks should be put into alkali pond instantly to stop the chlorine from spreading. Third, the warehouse storing liquid chlorine should be guarded every day and night. Last is to strengthen the emergency team construction.