Longtou Street in Lushunkou District Held the Work Coordination Conference to Ensure the Orderly Progress of Every Task


A few days ago, Longtou Street in Lushunkou District held the work coordination conference. Attending the conference were the Director of the Subdistrict Office Sun Hongguang, leaders of each department, section chiefs, and heads of the Comprehensive Management Office.


During the conference, four departments, including the street economy, the resettlement, the agriculture, forestry and fishery, as well as the administration, respectively reported their work over the previous stage. In the first half of this year, there were two tasks Longtou Street kept working at when downward pressure on China's economy has continued to mount: on the one hand, the stability, on the other hand, the economic development. Every department took an active part and was well-cooperated, making the society show a good situation of steady development. From January to June, there were five new projects, fifteen continued projects, and the total regional social output value has amounted to 1.08 billion yuan, fixed-asset investment, 2.65 billion yuan, and government revenue, 63.07 million yuan. Each economic indicators obtained a good rank in the District.


In the next stage, Longtou Street will mainly focus on key projects, people’s well-being, and social stability with high spirit, a clear mission, and the use of favorable policies, accomplishing tasks step by step. On how to accomplish following tasks with high quality, specific requirements were come up by Sun. For example, extra efforts need to be focused on the construction of the tap water pipe network of Haiyantang, the electricity and sewage treatment in the Haichang move-back area, the electricity problem of Le Belier(Dalian)Foundry Co.,Ltd, the resettlement of residents living under high tension cables in Jiangjia Village, the resettlement of enterprises such as ink manufacturing factories, the sewage treatment of the Longtouhe River, the plan of the move-back area of Dabali Village, the construction of the move-back area in Universities Town, the delist of the Sun-good TCM Project, the electricity problem of the Wolong Bay, the second phase declaration of Haichang, the settlement of the resettled people in Wanshan Hill, the prevention and control of geohazard of Taishan, the rebuilt of shanty areas, petition work, and the development of the people's well-being.


Director Sun Hongguang spoke highly of the work done by each department for clear thinking, appropriate methods, and the sense of responsibility and urgency. Routine work, especially petition work, has been done outstandingly. He stressed that the Street needed to be united as one and face all the obstacles that lie ahead, trying to create a new construction situation of Longtou Street.