Russian Beer Cultural Festival enjoys great popularity

The Rio Olympics came to an end, but the spirit of China Women Volleyball still encourages Chinese people. Those days, the first Eastern Port Russian Beer Cultural Festival enjoys great popularity on site. Many citizens and visitors from other places regard the Beer Festival as the place to express their love to China, in which the whole first floor of the hall in Dalian International Convention Center are full of beer and joy.


After the Olympics ended, the participation enthusiasm in the Beer Festival of many citizens still continues, such as drinking fine wines, listening to music and watching dancing, appreciating oil paintings, enjoying springs and so on, which makes Eastern Port International Convention Center a happy camp every evening. It’s known from the organizer that the attendance rate has reached the highest when the  women volleyball team won the gold in the evening and many people have become the “regular customer” of the Beer Festival. At about 6 p.m., the night fell with magnificent lights shining, the Eastern Port International Convention Center was crowded with people. With the wonderful opening dance of women dancing group from Russian Armur State, the songs were refreshing and the reaction activities were satisfying, which enabled the participants in the Beer Festival to step into a place of wonderful and happy atmosphere.  


Ten activities in the Beer Festival were carried out comprehensively. The Russian Painting Show was a highlight and 100 oil paintings showed beautiful summer flowers, which expressed the artistic charm of Russia, and thus enjoyed great popularity and attracted many people to reserve and collect them. Those days, Wei Yuxin, awarded as “Chinese Good Person” and excellent film projectionist, was invited to show classic movies, which was quite popular among people. The 63-year-old Wei Yuxin said simply that “The Beer Festival is a big success, and I will do whatever I can to make contributions to the development of the hometown cultural activities”. In order to show films well, Wei Yuxin came early and left late with high sense of responsibility. Besides, the personal collections show of President of Sino-Russian Exchange Association of Dalian City Wang Xin also attracted many people and these cultural relics including the newspapers in the 1950s witnessed the traditional friendship between China and Russia.


The first Eastern Port Russian Beer Cultural Festival, which was co-organized by Dalian Newspaper Group and Dalian Eastern Port CBD Development Construction and Management Co., Ltd., not only won high recognition of the citizens and foreign visitors, but also attracted a lot of famous people from the fields of culture and sports. On the evening of August 21, the celebrities including Film Performance Artist Zhang Jinling who came to Dalian to pay visits to friends and Gold Coach Chi Shangbin came to the site successively to appreciate the painting show and enjoy a good evening time together. Zhang Jinling said that “there are so many people participating in the Beer Festival that I just witness the vigor of Dalian City and the enthusiasm of Dalian citizens.” Chi Shangbin took 5 footballs with signatures of national football players and threw them to the guests on site, which brought much joy. He said with big excitement that “the history cannot be copied but the spirit can be passed on. I believe that sooner or later we can cheer for the brilliance created by our national football team.”

   It’s known that this evening “Gold Singer” Lei Hengda will come to sing for us and the humorous poems and paintings of Jiang Mo and Zhang Jiashu of Dalian Newspaper Group will be given to lucky audience. In the future days, the celebrities of culture and art fields including Sun Huizhu will perform on site successively and many mysterious higher-ups will come here too, so as to create a happy time in Eastern Port together.


It’s a decision made by the organizing committee that in order to meet the needs of more citizens and visitors, from today to August 28,you can participate in the all-you-can-drink activity in CZone in the Cultural Festival and drink as much as you want only if you pay 60 yuan.