Two campaigns in Zhuanghe ignite the passion of August

The two events including the 2016 Zhuanghe Gourmet Beer Festival and theTianmenshan Cup Bike Open Tournament makeZhuanghefull of flame of passion in August.



The two events in combination with the concept of “working in Dalian and Living in Zhuanghe” showedfavorable conditions for living, work, business and tourism, in Zhuanghe, a new city in the North Yellow Sea.



Zhuanghe Gourmet Beer Festival ignited the carnival across the city.

On August 19, the grand but simple opening ceremony for the 2016 Zhunghe Gourmet Beer Festival was held in Zhuanghe Pearl Lake Square, which began the carnival model across the city.



At night, people from far and near flocked to the Pearl Lake Square. Like a summer carnival, the beer festival, sweeping away the tiredness and drowsiness in summer, made people fully enjoy the summer.



Snack food on the beer festival included not only the local specialties like lamb skewers and clams but also the specialties from Guangdong and even Japan, India and Korea.



The beer festival put up four tents including Germany beer tent featuring Bavarian style, Blue Bay International big tent, arepresentative of Zhuanghe local brands, enterprise exhibition area, and snack food area with over 50 stalls. Besides, tourists can also enjoy themselves to their hearts’ content art performance, Zhuanghe custom and intangible cultural heritage show, new media show and interactive entertainment



In order to fully demonstrate the characteristics of modern ecological port city near the North Yellow Sea, the beer festival integrated tourism, property and recreation to make more people know about Zhuanghe and visit Zhuanghe.



The Tianmenshan Cup Bike Open Tournament carries forward the Olympic spirit

In the just-concluded Rio Olympic Games, Chinese athletes won the gold medal, thus breaking the history of zero gold medal in velodrome and set off an upsurge in cycling. The Tianmenshan Cup Bike Open Tournament to be held on August 27 and 28 coincides with the end of the beer festival, thus enhancing each other’s beauty and influence.


The Yingna Lake, with unique history and culture, is a shining pearl in zhuanghe and is called the “water bowl of Dalian citizen”. It is said thatbefore and during the competition, the organizing committee regularly organized cycling routes for citizens to enable them to enjoy the ecological scenery of Zhuanghe City.



Compared with last year, some adjustment in racing circuits was made to create a more professional environment for players.



According to the statistics of the organizing committee, 316 cyclistsof 41 teams including 207 athletes for road racesand 109 players for mountain bike race.These teams comefrom more than 20 provinces and citiesincluding Mongolia, Japan, Singapore, India, Canada, Britain and USA.


Zhuanghe with unique natural beauty and world-class professional circuit aims to make the Bike Open Tournament the national-level event.



More importantly,Zhuanghe Municipal Government will develop comprehensive national fitness and integrate more cultural activities to it to make the sport an outdoor sports brand with rural tourism and health tourism. Cycling featuring fashion, ornamental value, participation, and environmental protection was regarded as an important carrier for Dalian Ecological Civilization Pilot Area. Besides, sports like mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, and fishing and so on will be gradually added to promote the rapid development of outdoor sports and leisure tourism in Zhuanghe.