The Week of Prairie Culture, one of the events of Dalian International Sandbeach Cultural Festival, was launched

If you see a group of people in the golden coast of the golden pebble beach, performing lion dance with Mongolian leather boots and belts, do not go away because you are about to be served with a visual feast—wrestling, the top of the three Mongolian competitive events, which is also called “boke” by folks living in the prairie.



On the morning of 20th, August, the Week of Prairie Culture, as well as the 3rd Dalian Mongolian Seabeach Boke Festival, one of the events of Dalian International Sandbeach Cultural Festival was launched. It is known that apart from traditional Mongolian athletic events such as boke, bulu, archery, children fighting for sheep and Mongolian chess, such performances as artistic performance Prairie and Sea, traditional Mongolian dancing and long tune instrument performance and on-site calligraphy and drawing appreciation, Prairie and Sea are also included in this event. Through the platform of the sandbeach cultural festival, the event advocates national culture, provides the citizens and tourists with a chance to experience the cultural spirit, to have a taste of prairie food and to share the prairie sight and seabeach culture



The Sandbeach Boke Festival has been successfully held for three times, which closely combines the prairie and sea together contributes to the diversity and specialty of Dalian International Sandbeach Cultural Festival, shows a new open and combined image of the modern seaside resort and offers the tourists an entertainment activity, thus deepening the fun and impression they have during vacation in the golden pebble beach. In recent years, this event has attracted the participation of plenty of Mongolian tourists to enjoy the summer seaside view and the romance and fashion in Dalian.