China International (Dalian) Seafood Festival was officially launched

Boston lobster, Bluefin Tuna, French oyster,Spanish red shrimp, King crab, etc. People can enjoy more than a hundred species of seafood from over 30 countries, cooked simultaneously in four big vans with 100 steamers. Yesterday, China International (Dalian) Seafood Festival, which was co-hosted by Dalian Creative Industry Center and Dalian Niannianyouyu Fishery Co., Ltd, was officially launched at the square of Donggang and will last from August 11to October 7. Thus, this festival provides another good place for citizens to enjoy seafood.



The festival will be held in 6 theme pavilions according to fishing grounds and cooking style, including international seafood pavilion, where you can enjoy the best-known seafood cooked in different ways like stew, barbecue and frying with hot pepper; Southeast Asia seafood buffet pavilion, where you can enjoy the seafood buffet with Southeast Asian style; prairie and sea pavilion, where you can not only taste barbecue seafood, but also enjoy the instrumental music and dancing performance with prairie characteristic; Korean pavilion with Germany Town, which combines the delicacy of Korean fried chicken and German beer; Japanese-style pavilion, which provides sushi, sashimi and other delicacy with Japanese style; leisure area, where you can enjoy Shanghai popcorn, fish-like South Korean ice cream and wine.